Getting Ready For The Big Day!

Good morning! It’s a very important day! My little brother is getting married to his beautiful fiancé Raina! It seems like only yesterday they got engaged!


Last night we all headed to The International Gardens in Riverside Park, where the wedding will take place, for the rehearsal. This is a beautiful place with TONS of gorgeous flowers.



Brian is pretty happy that he has no major role to play in the wedding. He just gets to sit back, relax, and enjoy!


The bride and groom discussing some important details!



I did put Brian on camera duty as I will be a bridesmaid today! He got some great pictures of us “rehearsing.”


I get to be escorted by my brother’s best friend Ben, which is AWESOME! I’ve known Ben since he was a baby, he’s such a great guy!

Here comes the bride!


Raina’s brother is the “man of honor” and since I am the female that is standing closest to her during the ceremony I have the very important job of arranging her train! I hope I don’t mess up!


I also hope I don’t cry…..I probably will! I kind of look like I’m going to in this picture!

After the rehearsal we headed over to River Jack’s for dinner. I really should have taken a picture of the GIANT piece of lasagna I had. It was seriously the size of a small bread pan. I was too busy socializing with my aunt and uncle.

This morning I’ve just been relaxing before I need to head to the salon for my hair appointment! It should be a fun day! Come back later for more wedding fun!

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