Winging It

Hey blog world! Hope you are having a fantastic Saturday! Mine has been pretty busy.

Brian and I got up early for a 4 mile run. Then I had time for a quick breakfast and shower before I had to head over to the car rental place to pick up a vehicle for our church’s mission trip (more on that later). Then it was off to take my bridesmaid’s dress for a fitting. I came home and cooked some of the veggies from our CSA. I boiled the beets and roasted the kohlrabi. Then I did my weekly cleaning which I usually do on Monday but since I’ll be gone thought I better get it done now. I am finally sitting down to relax!

Last night we got really creative with some of our CSA vegetables. Brian had thawed out some venison steak and I asked if we could make a stir fry. We washed up and chopped some of the garlic scapes, some peas, and the zucchini from the CSA. We also added carrots and mushrooms we had in the fridge. It turned our really well for just winging it!


Brian used teriyaki marinade on the meat and soy sauce, Worcestershire, sesame seed oil, and hot sauce on the veggies. Served over brown rice! We dominated it! There were no leftovers!

This will be my my last post for at least a week! Tomorrow I am taking 15 young people from our church on a mission trip. We are headed WAY up north to Cass Lake Minnesota to serve on a Native American reservation. I’ve been looking forward to this trip all year! I am so excited that it is finally here. Of course I am nervous about being responsible for so many kids but I have two other chaperones coming along to help and the kids who are going are really great! I’ll be back with a recap and of course more adventures as always!


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