Now, where was I….

Hey there! Here I am for a mid week pop in! Sorry for the lack of posting once again. Life hasn’t necessarily been too boring but when I’m home I tend to vegge out and forget to post.

So, to catch you up on the rest of the 4th of July. A lot of it was spent visiting with friends and just chilling out at home.

On Saturday night we went to the 9th annual Petefest. Our friend Pete has been holding a Karaoke party every year around the 4th of July. It is quite the party. It use to be held in his garage but this year he set up the Karaoke equipment on his deck and the “audience” filled up the hill to watch the entertainment.


Brian and his buddies entertaining the crowd.


The night ended with fireworks and a visit from the local police telling us to stop shooting off the “big ones” (Opps!)

Later in the weekend we got to spend some time with our friends Marianne and John and also got to hang out with Joe and his daughters at their campsite.

On Monday we took a ride with Joe and his girls on our friend Eric’s boat, The Mississippi Explorer. It was a beautiful day for ride on the river!


I think Faith was a little tired! She perked up when she got to drive the boat (with Captain Eric’s help!).


We even got to see some impressive wildlife. Check out that Eagle!


Of course Tuesday and today it was back to work. Brian took today off so he could hang out and golf with all his friends. They needed a little guy time!

Today I picked up our 2nd CSA box! Check out all the veggies!


This week we got garlic scapes, chard, two types of beets, radishes, kohlrabi, two different kinds of peas, zucchini, garlic and fresh herbs. There was also a small stalk of broccoli but I threw that into Nicole’s half of the share.

Not going to lie, I was feel pretty lazy tonight and since Brian was still out golfing I really just wanted to pour myself a bowl of cereal for dinner but figured I should use some of my veggies. I made a recipe based on this recipe from Real Simple. Instead of kale I used the chard. I made the quinoa using chicken broth instead of water and also used chicken broth instead of wine. It turned out pretty well, and much healthier than that cereal!


That’s about it from me! Tomorrow night we plan to get together with Brian’s friends again. I am hoping to make some recipes for bring so hopefully I’ll be sharing those on here soon!

Have a great week!

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