A Spectator’s Recap of the 2011 La Crosse Chileda Classic 10K

Hey there everyone! Happy 4th of July weekend to you! Hope it’s a beautiful day wherever you are! As I mentioned yesterday I was not planning on running the Chileda Classic today but I was there supporting my wonderful husband Brian and his buddy Joe.

We had some pretty big storms here last night which seemed to help move the humidity out of the area. It was still hot out but not nearly as bad as yesterday. Here are Brian and Joe all ready to go before the race!


I tried to get them as they took off from the start. As you can see there were A LOT of people racing this morning! You can’t see them but they are in that crowd somewhere!


While they were out running the course I found a few people I knew and chatted with them for awhile. The two leaders of the 10K came into the finish line in 25 minutes! They were so fast! Before I knew it almost an hour had past and I knew that Brian and Joe would be coming in soon. I got ready with my camera at the finish line. Here they are, looking strong!


I also got a shot of my friend Polly! She rocked it! (she came in way before Brian and Joe).


After the race we headed down for a pancake breakfast. I just had to take an after shot of the guys, they looked like they were doing pretty good!


Brian is relaxing on the couch now and since I didn’t get any exercise this morning but did enjoy the pancakes, I’m going to head over to the local outdoor pool and swim some laps outside! Should be fun! Later we have a fun party to go to. I might also need to take a nap!

Hope you’re enjoying your day!


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