All’s Quiet

Hey there friends! Whoo hoo! It’s Friday before a long weekend. Hope you have some fun things planned for the holiday. All of Brian’s friends from across the country (Colorado, Iowa, and Alaska) are going to be in town at the same time so we plan on spending some time with them and their families.

Sorry for not posting much lately. When I don’t post it is usually for one of two reasons. 1. I am super busy (not the case this time) 2. My life is BORING and I’m not doing anything worth writing about! This would be true this time. The past few days all I’ve done is gone to work either at the church or at the YMCA, come home, eat dinner (most of which Brian has been cooking, I’m so lucky Smile), watch TV while knitting, and going to bed. Yep! Pretty exciting! So there you have it.

One thing worth writing about is that I decided not to run the 10K race with Brian and Joe tomorrow. Since my back injury flared up earlier this week I just want to play it safe. Plus, because of the injury I haven’ t run since last Saturday! I will be there taking pictures and cheering the boys and all the other folks I know on! I think that will be fun too.

Really not much else to post. Hopefully I’ll have some fun adventures this weekend and be back with a much more interesting post!

Have a great weekend!


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