CSA Cooking Part 2

Hey there! How’s your week going? Mine is just okay. My old back injury is flaring up right now. I had to teach Zumba tonight and couldn’t find a sub. My boss at the Y (who is a total sweetie by the way) came to my class and taught a few classes so I could rest. Now I’m sitting on the couch with a heating pad feeling pretty crabby!

On Sunday afternoon I realized that I still had some CSA items left that needed tending to. I roasted the kohlrabi and the turnips together using this recipe. Here they are all roasty toasty!


The kohlrabi tasted like a potato! I thought it would taste more like a vegetable. The turnips tasted like a potato and a radish combined!

Then it was time for the greens. I received a bunch of chard in the CSA box but I also used the greens from the tops of the kohlrabi and the turnips because the CSA newsletter said they were edible. I washed them and chopped them.


On left we have the stems of the chard which needed to be cooked a little longer, I didn’t even know that part was edible! Then I followed this recipe which I found while looking for turnip recipes.

After boiling the greens I rinsed them to cool them down and topped them with the dressing which was absolutely delightful!


Looks kind of gross I know but I thought it was very tasty! I really like the cooked chard. They say that it is a good source of iron. I felt so healthy after eating this!

The only thing I didn’t use from the CSA box was the fennel. I still have it in the fridge but I don’t know how long it will last. I would definitely buy kohlrabi again just for something different and probably the turnips too. I also think I’ll include chard as part of my diet more often. Very easy to make and so good for you!

That’s about all from me! Hope your week is bright and sunny!

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2 responses to “CSA Cooking Part 2

  1. What time was your Zumba class at? I possibly could have subbed it for you, but I think they only use Y instructors. I need to update my app. there after I come back from Orlando. Seems to be the only place I haven’t been an instructor at yet is the Y.

  2. No! Back pain for both of us? Not good at all. Hope you feel better soon.

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