July Weddings Bring June Showers!

Hey friends hope you are having a good weekend! Mine has been pretty busy but very fun.

Yesterday I hosted my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower at my mom’s house. When I got married one of my friends had a Pampered Chef shower for me and it was so much fun. Plus I got so many amazing kitchen tools which I use all the time. I knew that some day when I had a sister-in-law I would want to host a shower for her too. We had tons of food but can you believe that I didn’t take any pictures of the food?! I made

Back on Track Wheat Berry Salad

Broccoli Pasta Salad (I used light mayo and whole wheat pasta so mine wasn’t vegan or gluten free)

A veggie tray with Curry Honey Hummus

Sunny White Sangria (this was SO easy and everybody loved it!)

My mom made fruit pizza, some delicious brownies, punch, and ice tea.

As part of the shower the Pampered Chef consultant had Raina demonstrate a recipe. She did a wonderful job! She could have her own cooking show!


Doesn’t she look like a pro?!

The guests enjoying the shower.



We played one game. I bought Raina an apron and attached a bunch of unique kitchen tools to it. Raina paraded around the room and the guests had to identify what each tool was.



It was great fun!  So excited to welcome Raina into our family in just 4 weeks!

My aunt and cousin came from Steven’s Point and Wausau so after the shower I hung out with them and later met up with my cousin’s husband and little boys to watch some fireworks.

Today we had big party at church. Sadly the reason for our celebration was that our priest of 14 years (and my boss) is getting moved to another parish. My relatives were able to join us for that as well. Now I’m at home chilling with Brian.

I was looking at recent pictures I’ve taken and with all the business of the weekend I forgot to post a fantastic meal we had on Friday night!


That my friends is a turkey bacon, lettuce (from our very own garden!) and tomato sandwich! So good! I put some of the garlic pesto sauce on mine and it was delicious!


That’s all for now friends! Hope your weekend was a good one!


3 responses to “July Weddings Bring June Showers!

  1. Well I am so tickled to see what went on. Raina can do just about anything she sets her mind to and she is so gorgeous she WOULD be great on television.

    Thanks for sharing this. I loved the apron with tools hanging from it. Very clever.

    Alll joys to you and thanks for sharing this,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  2. This was a great editorial piece Kristin!

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