CSA Cooking Part 1

Hey there! How’s your Thursday going? It’s pretty cool, gloomy, and rainy here! Makes me want to stay in bed under the covers all day. But there are things to do! Like trying some new recipes with the delicious bounty from our first CSA box.

The first thing I made was Garlic Scape Pesto. This recipe was featured in the weekly newsletter that the CSA farm sends out. I have never really been a fan of pesto sauce. I think it is because traditional pesto sauce is made with pine nuts and the few times I’ve had it it was REALLY oily. But I did have all of the ingredients on hand and there were no pine nuts involved in this recipe.

This is a garlic scape.


Kind of looks like a curly green onion. I had never eaten a garlic scape before. It didn’t really smell like garlic until I chopped it up and then the smell was very fragrant.

This recipe was so simple! All you had to do was put all the ingredients into the food processor.


I had to used powdered parmesan cheese because the fresh stuff I bought had the seal broken on it and was moldy! Sad smile


Then just give it whirl! Instant pesto!


I taste tested it on a piece of toast and I loved it! It is VERY VERY garlicky! It also had a little kick to it! For lunch a boiled some tri colored noodles and mixed some of the pesto sauce with it.


So good! And so easy to make!

Next up perfect cilantro ice cubes for my green smoothies!


Just kidding! I didn’t know what to do with all the cilantro since I don’t have any recipes planned using cilantro. My friend Jess (hi Jess!) suggested freezing it in ice cube trays with a little water. Then you can just use it when you need it! I thought it was a perfect idea!

Other than that not much new going on here. I taught cycling and later will teach Zumba.

Have you tried and new and unique recipes lately? Have a good day!


2 responses to “CSA Cooking Part 1

  1. Hey Kristin! Funny you should mention pesto AND cilantro. I just finished making up a batch of cilantro pesto with some of the ample amounts that we got from our CSA.

    It’s pretty tasty- I added sunflower and hemp seeds to it instead of pine nuts.

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