Eat Your Veggies!

Hey friends! Made to it the middle of the week, it’s all down hill from here! Not much new around here. I am enjoying the down time at my work and not working so many nights and weekends.

I am also loving the bounty of summer vegetables that are popping up. Today I made a salad to take to work with lettuce from my very own garden!!


It was so fun to cut the lettuce right in my back yard, bring it in, wash it, and make a salad! The little red things are mini-pepperonis by the way.

Also our first CSA box came today!! Myself and three of my good friends decided to split a full share from Ridgeland Harvest. We are alternating splitting the CSA box between two of us. Every other week I pick up the box and split it with my friend Nicole and on the other weeks Becky and Polly split it up. Look at the bounty from this week!



We have fennel, garlic scapes, cilantro, Swiss chard, baby turnips, lettuce, and 3 quarts of strawberries! And this is after I split the share up with my friend!

I found some pretty simple and great recipes to use most of the veggies but I have no idea what to do with the fennel or all that cilantro! Any ideas??

Not much else from me. Another relaxing night at home! Hope summer is treating you well!

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