Big Chairs and Birthdays

Hey there! Hope you kicked off your week on the right foot!

I went for another run this morning and still had the same problems I did on Saturday. Not sure what that is all about. It was humid again, not quite as humid as Saturday but still pretty bad. I found that if I ran faster than a 9:30 mile it was harder to breathe so I kept it pretty slow. I did the same route that I kicked but on a few weeks ago but was 4 minutes slower! If this keeps up or if it doesn’t improve with the weather I might have to get that checked out.

Tonight we took my mother-in-law and father-in-law out to dinner for their birthdays. Duane’s birthday is today and Beth’s is Friday! Happy birthday to them! We took them to one of their favorite places Seven Bridges. I usually get the Herbed Salmon but tonight the Artichoke Scampi caught my eye. I wasn’t going to take out my camera but when my dish arrived it was just too pretty not to take a picture of.


It was very good! You could have added chicken or shrimp for an additional cost and I think next time I would get the shrimp!

The birthday couple.


After dinner we needed to stop at Menards (a home improvement store) to pick up some things. I found this HUGE camping chair and made Brian take a picture of me sitting in it.


It was SUPER comfy!

That’s about all from me. Hope you had a great day!


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