Sucking Wind

Hey there! First of all, Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there especially my dad! Thanks for always being there for me and loving me so much! I always know I can go to my dad for advice. I love you dad!


Little known fact about me, I’m adopted but when ever I tell people that they don’t believe me because they say I look just like my dad!

Yesterday Brian and I went on our long run for the week. Can you believe our 10K is just two weeks away? Our goal was to do 6.5miles. We stuck with our normal plan of running 10 minutes walking two minutes. After our first 10 minutes I was really struggling. Even Brian asked if I was okay. I am not sure what was up with me! It really wasn’t hot out but the humidity was at 100% so the air was really heavy. I just felt like I couldn’t get a good breath. This is really strange for me. I have excellent breath control. Another little known fact, I use to scuba dive with my family and when we would all come up from a dive I would have the most air left in my tank, even more than the dive master! Not sure if it was the humidity, if I was congested from allergies, or if the fact that I hadn’t run in a week affected me. It was kind of a bummer though. I actually thought about turning around after two miles but stuck with it. As we were nearing the 6 mile mark Brian says, “I think I’m going 7.” We were pretty close to our house so I decided that was it for me and I stopped running and headed home.  I guess I just haven’t had a bad run in awhile. Brian was awesome though! I think I’ve created a monster!

The rest of our day was spent getting ready for a Father’s Day dinner at my parent’s house. We headed over there early in the evening and cooked them venison Philly cheesesteak sandwiches. I also brought  salad, fruit, and dessert. Sadly, even thought I brought my camera, I didn’t take any pictures. I guess I wasn’t in blogger mode!

Today we are celebrating Father’s Day with my father-in-law. Other than that, not much new going on here! Hope you are having a great weekend!

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2 responses to “Sucking Wind

  1. Oh thank goodness…I thought I might have been the only one. Stupid allergies yesterday flared up big time (I’d been on a seasonal support off cycle, so I wasn’t sure if I needed to go back on). Seems like this allergy season has been going on for like forever this spring. Thank goodness that I got some seasonal support into my system in the early afternoon as my symptoms vanished before the rain came & lowered the humidity too. What a great photo, you totally look like your dad & I can see how people see that. Venison yummy!

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