At the corner of Mark and Hamlin

Hey there! Hope day two of your weekend is going well! I spent the better part of the morning at the corner of Mark and Hamlin streets in West Salem cheering on the triathletes participating in the YMCA’s Got Energy? Triathlon.



I almost titled this post, “The Port A Potty that Saved My Life….Again!” since I had to use the same port a potty I used last year when I raced in the triathlon. I seriously have a problem! Smile 

I was super early in order to make it to the site in time.


And brrrrrrrrrr! It was cold!


And foggy!


Luckily the coffee fairy came in the middle of the night and I had a nice travel mug all ready to go!


Does anyone else LOVE the automatic feature on their coffee maker? I don’t use it very often but when I do I feel like it’s magic! I also packed some healthy snacks since I wasn’t really hungry when I woke up and had no idea where I would be on the course or how long things would take.


An apple, granola bar, and half a sunflower butter and banana sandwich. Driving out to West Salem I felt so much more relaxed than if I was going to race. Except for it was REALLY foggy which mage me kind of nervous. We had to meet at the high school at 6am to find out where we would be stationed and what we had to do. I was lucky to be stationed near to the high school so I walked on over and chilled for awhile….a LONG while. The race was suppose to start at 7am but they had  to delay it an hour because of the fog. Once the race got going though it didn’t take long for the elite athletes to finish the swim and come zooming passed me on the bikes. I didn’t get any pictures at the race as I was too busy doing my job which was VERY important. I had to tell the racers where to turn a the intersection. As we saw from my race experience last weekend that is VERY important. I also had to cheer very loudly and encourage the athletes.  Since the bike route loops through town I got to see the athletes twice once on the way out and once on the way back. So many of the athletes thanked me for being out there which was so nice. I also saw a lot people I know from the Y which is always fun.

After the last biker came by my intersection I headed over to the finish area to cheer on the last few runners and to grab a bite to eat. I really enjoyed volunteering at the triathlon I thought I would feel bummed that I wasn’t participating but it was just as fun cheering for other people and definitely less stressful. Plus I don’t feel so exhausted that I need to take a nap….well, maybe a nap would be nice I am pretty tired!

After the race I headed home to continue getting ready for my adventure this week. Tomorrow I’m leaving for  Minnesota to do some bike riding on the Root River Trail. Remember last year I did a 45 mile ride just three days after the triathlon! This year I decided to stay and ride for a few days. I’ll ride the trail to Harmony again and then I think another long ride, about 35 miles, to Rushford.  Not really sure how this will go. I am taking my commuter bike since I actually haven’t ridden my road bike yet this year. I figure that my commuter bike is a little more upright and my back/body just won’t be use to the low position of my road bike. My legs should be pretty good as I’ve been teaching cycling twice a week for 9 months BUT I haven’t really spent a loooooooong time on the bike so I am worried about my back and my butt! I totally think it will be worth the pain. The folks I’ll be riding with aren’t hard core cyclist, it’s more about having fun and being social! I’m really looking forward to it!

Not sure if I’ll post tomorrow and definitely will be unplugging well on my bike trip so if you are wondering where I am that’s where I’ll be!


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  1. Kristin……you are amazing.

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