Healthy Weekend

Hey there friends! How’s your Saturday going? Mine has been SUPER productive! That’s because it started VERY early!

Brian and I got up 6am to run 8 MILES!! This was the farthest Brian has run. We did our usual run 10 minutes walk 2 minutes and finished the whole thing in 1:26. I check back over my stats from previous runs. The last time I ran 8 miles it was in the DEAD of winter I ran the whole way and it took me 1:25 so I think we did pretty good today! I don’t think Brian really liked running that far. He said the last mile was pretty tough. I have to keep reminding myself that I have been running long distances since last year and I guess I’m just use to them. I actually really LOVE running 8 miles, I call it my “sweet distance” far enough to be challenging but not enough to wipe me out (although I will admit I’m a little tired right now). To read about my other 8 mile runs check out these posts

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After we stretched and showered Brian cooked me an EPIC breakfast! Homemade egg sandwiches!


Both our sandwiches were on toast with a slice of cheese, an egg and venison sausage. We both had avocado and Brian got real wild and crazy and added pepperoncini! Very delicious and filling!

Other than our long run I’ve been busy getting ready for a little adventure I’m going on next week. More on that later. Tomorrow I’m volunteering at the Got Energy? Triathlon. The same one I did last year! Can’t wait to cheer on all the participants.

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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