Chasing the Invisible Rabbit

Hi there friends! Hope you are having a FANTASTIC Thursday! Mine has been VERY productive so far and I am loving it!

In my June Dairy Days Race Recap I mentioned how chasing a “rabbit” help me to step up my pace and overall have a VERY fast race. I realized I didn’t really explain the term “rabbit” and in fact I probably used it incorrectly. ABC-of defines the term “rabbit” as; A runner who pushes the field to a better time then drops out of the race before the final laps. This is referring to professional races. I think I have also used that term used by armature runners to describe how they would pick another runner out during a race and their goal would be to pass them at some point during the race which is exactly what I did last Saturday. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m just going to go with it!

That brings me to today. Today’s morning temperatures were gloriously in the 50’s, a whole 25 degrees cooler than they were earlier this week. Brian once again got up before 5am to run with his cousin Bill. Bill had called the other night and said he heard that Brian had started running and wanted to run with him some time. Bill wouldn’t disclose how he found out Brian had started running but I’m pretty sure he reads my blog (hi Bill!). Anyway, Bill is MUCH taller than Brian and has served in the military so he is in pretty good shape. I was a little worried that Brian, being a newbie runner, would have a hard time keeping up. But, Brian returned to the house breathless but excited that he had run is regular 4 mile route in 37 minutes! I guess Bill really helped him to keep the pace going!

Now I had a challenge set before me. I had planned to run the same 4 mile route just not so freakishly early. I had intended to take it nice and easy since I was feeling a little sore and I have to teach Cycling this afternoon. But, once I heard how fast “the boys” had run it I couldn’t possibly let them beat me.  I got outside realized how cool it was and let it rip. I was running hard and fast! I finished the first mile at a 9:33 pace and it only got better from there. The third mile was 8:48 and I thought there was no way I could keep pushing that hard but I did!


4 Miles in 36:05 with an average mile of 9:01! I could hardly believe it!


After my awesome race time on Saturday I wondered if I would ever be able to run 9 minute miles and today I almost did, most of my miles were under 9:00! Here are my splits.

  • Mile 1 9:33
  • Mile 2 8:55 <—–I’ve never done my second mile under 9:00
  • Mile 3 8:48 <—– Thought there was no way I was going to be able to maintain that pace!
  • Mile 4 8:46 <—– Did it!

It was so fun and challenging chasing the “invisible rabbit”!

Not much else planned for today except for teaching Cycling at the YMCA. I should practice some Zumba moves but I am pretty tired already! Hope you have a great Thursday!

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