In Training for???

Hey there! How are you this lovely summer day? Summer has made her debut in full force today, our high is expected to be 100!!!

Catching up from the weekend? Here are some fun posts you might have missed.

A night out with my girlfriends!

A ran a fantastic 5 mile race!

After all that fun the rest of my weekend and yesterday seemed kind of boring! On Sunday I worked at the church in the morning, puttered around the house in the afternoon and took in a baseball game in the evening. Yesterday was just a typical Monday filled with cleaning, teaching fitness classes, and getting ready for the week ahead.

This morning I did something CRAZY, I blame my husband for this. Brian said that he wanted to run this morning and I agreed to run with him. He said he wanted to run Ebner Coulee Road. Now, Ebner Coulee Road is a dead end road that pretty much goes uphill for .75miles. From our house, up the hill, and back is the PERFECT challenging 3mile run.

Since Brian works at 7am we were off and running by 5am, which means I woke up around 4:40am!! It was a good run though. Even though it was already hot (76 degrees!) at 5am the sun wasn’t out yet so it didn’t seem that bad. Brian has been challenged by hills since he started running and I encouraged him to actually run big hills once in awhile for good training. I told him I remembered a few years ago I wanted to WALK the dog up Ebner Coulee Road. We got about half way up and Brian wanted to quit and today he RAN the whole thing! So proud of him! Because I was up and at’em so early I headed to work an hour early, hoping to leave early too!

A few folks I know from the YMCA have asked me if I’m training for anything right now. If you recall last year at this time I was into the taper phase of training fro my first Olympic Distance triathlon. I’ve been reading over my past blog entries leading up to the triathlon and truth be told, I am kind of bummed that I didn’t train for it this year, especially when I realized I placed 4th in my age category! It would have been a good challenge to try and place 3rd. A while back I debated the idea of training for a marathon and by the time I finally made the decision NOT to run one it was kind of late to start training for an Olympic Distance Tri. Not to mention this spring was HORRIBLE for biking/running outside and I felt really busy too, so busy I wonder if training for a tri would have been possible. I considered just doing the sprint distance since I’m in pretty good shape but didn’t want to risk not doing at least a few brick workouts. I might volunteer at the event which could be fun!

The thing I miss about training for something is the excitement and anticipation of the event  especially while out doing training runs/rides. It’s just fun to think about what you hope to accomplish on race day. On the other hand, not training for something makes life so much less stressful. Brian and I are planning on doing a 10K around the 4th of July but I don’t really feel like I have to train for that as I can run that far already and won’t be going for speed, just the experience with my husband. I will most likely train for the Maple Leaf half marathon in October again just for something to do and because I love half marathons!

Just because I’m not training for any specific event doesn’t mean I haven’t been active, quite the contrary with my teaching schedule at the YMCA. Here is what my workout plan looks like this week.

Monday: Teach GST, go to Zumba (there is a class offered right after I teach and it’s nice to see what other instructors are doing plus it’s FUN!

Tuesday: Run in the morning with Brian, teach Zumba

Wednesday: Teach cycling (subbing for someone), yoga

Thursday: Run in the morning, teach cycling

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Run 8 miles with Brian

Sunday: Rest!

It does appear that I am doubling up on a lot of those days but I want to try and run three times a week and in order to fit that in with my teaching schedule I sometimes have to double up. It’s okay though, I know my body can handle it!

So that is what’s new with me!

Hope wherever you are you can stay cool!


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