Oh yes it’s Ladies Night!

Hey there! Here’s hoping your Saturday is going splendidly! I had such a great time with some of my favorite gal pals! You can read about some of our other Girl’s Nights in these posts:

Girl’s Night Out at Buzzard Billy’s

That’s Amore! at Kate’s Pizza Amore

I was kind of responsible for planning last night’s outing so I suggested we head to 4 Sisters. I had been there before once with my grad school friends and once for date night with Brian. A few of my friends had never been for 4 Sisters so it was fun to experience with newbies. I just new it would be the perfect place for Girl’s Night. We each ordered a dish to share and of course the wine was flowing!

Emily and Becky


Nicole and Me


Some of our eats (I’m sure I forgot to take pictures of a few, the conversation was just too interesting!)

Special X Tacos: Tequila lime seasoned pork, cilantro and onions topped with Queso cheese, served on three mini tortillas


The Midwest Platter: A variety of Italian meats, cheeses, seasonal fruit, nuts, crackers, bread and dipping oil


Ummmm….. wow! There were like three other things we ate and I didn’t take pictures of anything! Whoops! I did capture dessert…cheese cake lollipops!


And shenanigans to with them Smile


Oh man we had a good time! We all agreed that we must do this more often! We didn’t stay out too late, I’m pretty sure I was in bed by 11pm which was good since this morning I got up and ran a race! I’ll be back later with a full race recap!

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