Make’n Me Some Masala!

Hey there friends! How’s it going? Not much to write home about today or yesterday. I pretty much did what I normally do on Monday’s which is clean the house and get ready for my fitness classes. I did manage to get in a very sweaty 5 mile run trying out my new running shoes. It was super hot even in the morning but it felt good to get my sweat on and the shoes were great!

Today I worked at the church and things were pretty quiet around there. But tonight’s dinner? Now that was something special.


I made Chicken Masala using the Masala simmer sauce I bought on my impromptu trip to Trader Joe’s this weekend. I had never even eaten Chicken Masala let alone made it. Using the sauce it was pretty easy. We also enjoyed some Naan with our meal, another food I had never tried….so good! Even Brian enjoyed it!

Not much planned for the rest of the evening which is nice for a change! Hope your short week has started on a good note!


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