Solo Road Trip

Hey there! How was your Sunday? Mine has been pretty adventure some so far! Even though I usually don’t work on Monday’s today just didn’t seem like Sunday, it seemed like Saturday. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have work today, which is usually the case since I work at a church!

This morning I had quite the dilemma on for breakfast. Which coffee should I choose?


They both sound delicious don’t they?


Coulee Coffee Roastery is a local business that actually helped me out with one of our fundraisers at church. I’ve been addicted to their coffee ever since. These were two flavors I don’t see offered very often so when I saw them at the Co-Op yesterday I just had to pick them up. I went with the Jamaican Me Crazy and it was sooooooo good! About two years ago I quit drinking coffee completely, not really sure why but lately I’ve been drinking it more and more. I need to work on saving it for the weekends or special occasions! I sipped my coffee alongside another green smoothie!


Then I headed off to church. After church I puttered around the house for awhile finishing up some laundry and prepping some food for the week. Then it was time for a solo road trip! For longest time I’ve been meaning to go to a running specialty store to have the “experts” look at my feet/shoes to make sure I was wearing the right ones. It was definitely time to buy new shoes so I headed to the nearest running specialty store The Running Room in Rochester Minnesota.


The service was EXCELLENT. The person helping me had me walk around the store barefoot to see what my feet did. She told me I didn’t pronate or supinate  so I could go with a neutral shoe. Then she asked me a few questions about how I like my shoes to feel and  selected a few styles to try on. Since I started running 11 years ago I have stuck with Asics. Usually what I do is go into the big shoe store here in my town, bring in my old shoes and ask the clerk if they have them or a similar model try them on and buy them. So far that has worked pretty well and the clerks at our store don’t really question you. Well today I decided to break tradition and say good-bye to the Asics. Instead I chose the Brooks G3.


She had me try on Asics as well as a few other pairs but the Brooks just felt the most comfortable. A bonus, they were less expensive than the Asics AND a woman in front of me had a coupon for 20% off at the Running Room that she couldn’t use so she gave it to me! Score! It must have been my lucky day! I also felt pretty lucky because as I was exiting the highway to go to The Running Room I saw a sign for a very fun and unique store that we don’t have in my town.

Queue choir of angels…


I was pretty excited! I perused the store looking at almost everything. I knew I couldn’t buy produce or anything in the cooler sections as I had to drive an hour back home. I did manage to pick up some fun and unique foods to try.


Naan bread (located on the far left), Maple Leaf Cookies, Bite Size Everything Crackers, Three Layer Hummus, Masala Simmer Sauce, and S’mashing S’mores which I may or may not have broken into these bad boys before even leaving the parking lot.



I can’t wait to make Chicken Masala this week for dinner! I tried not to get too many snacky things since we don’t like to have that stuff in the house but everything looked so good! I think I’ll take the hummus and crackers over to a get together at my brother’s tomorrow night.

I really enjoyed my solo road trip. I truly am an introvert and loved listening to NPR and cruising on the highway. Total nerd I know!


Well, I’m hoping to not be such a hermit and actually do something social with some friends tonight! Hope you’re having a good long weekend weather your flying solo or hanging with your friends!


2 responses to “Solo Road Trip

  1. Happy to hear you finally made it out to the Running Room. My last visit there I switched out of Asics too! I am loving my new shoes, although all they’ve done so far is walk … hopefully I’ll get back into the running thing soon!

    Isn’t Trader Joe’s just great?! I have some chocolate covered coffee beans here with me that I bought there. Definitely should have bought more than one box of them!

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