The Absent Blogger

Ummmmmm……..hi there?! Remember me? The Girl With the Pink Sneakers?? Yes, I am still alive and still wearing my pink sneakers! So sorry for the long absence! I know I mentioned in my last post that I had a big work event to get ready for but that was over and done with four days ago! So, where have I been? What have I been up to? Not much really. Truth be told I have had an life issue come up, totally not related to the blog, and it has been consuming my thoughts day and night. So, instead of thinking of creative things to write about on my blog I’ve been obsessing over this issue. Well, I’m done focusing my energy in that direction for now! It would be silly for me to try and catch you up on life and honestly there hasn’t been anything too exciting going on. So here are just some bits an pieces.

On Saturday I went for a very sweaty run!


It was rainy and gloomy all morning which was okay with me since I had to be at work. About 2pm the skies cleared so I laced up my sneakers and headed out. It was much more humid than I had anticipated but it felt good to sweat.

On Sunday night Brian made me something very special and unique for dinner. He had been out turkey hunting all day. He didn’t get a turkey but he did find these.


Those are wild moral mushrooms! He sautéed them with some onions and wild turkey (a friend shot one and gave him the meat). After warning me that some people get deathly ill from wild mushrooms (I had never eaten one before) I chowed down on this delectable feast.


Looks kind of scary I know but it was SOOOOOOO good! I have never tasted anything like those mushrooms! And I didn’t get sick!

Today I had some special guests participate in my fitness classes at the Y. First of all my mom came to my GST class. She has only been to a few GST classes and it was her first time coming to MY class. She did great! At my second class of the day, Cycling, I was excited to see Katie, Grant, and Brandon from Two Guys, A Girl and Our New Lifestyle. If you are looking for some inspiration check out their blog and the journey to a healthy lifestyle. It is truly amazing! They were super fun to have in class too very energizing!

Other than that the most exciting thing in my life has been finding the most AMAZING high heeled shoes! Now, I HATE wearing heals and rarely ever do. When I do have an opportunity to dress up I want to look cute and stylish but within minutes my feet our aching! I’ve been searching high and low for some cute sandals for my brother’s wedding. I did some searching on Zappos and found a couple that I thought looked cute and all the reviews said were comfortable. I was still skeptical because my feet are just so sensitive but here’s what came in the mail this week.



They are both SUPER cute and would you believe it? They are also comfortable! I’ve been wearing them around the house and honestly think they feel great. I don’t know what the difference is, probably the $80 price tag when your use to spending $20 or less at PayLess. Now my only problem is deciding which ones to keep! The silver ones could come in black and vice versa. The silver ones are also a little more trendy then I am use to and the black ones are more practical.I kind of want to keep both but don’t know if I can really justify it! Maybe I’ll just wait until the dress comes so I can make a better decision. Which do you think would go best with the dress?

Brides maid dress 1

I know, exciting stuff right? Don’t worry I’ll be back more frequently and hopefully with more interesting things to write about. I am looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend. I have not work obligations. I plan to spend some time with friends who will be in from out of town and Brian and I were just discussing plans for a 7 miles run!

Hope life is grand where you are! Have a good night!


4 responses to “The Absent Blogger

  1. The silver shoes are ADORABLE! What brand? (I want a pair:-))

  2. I like the 1st pair with the flowers better if your looking for them to go with that dress.
    Looks like you had a good run face on & jealous about the yummy mushrooms. i’ve heard of several people that have found them recently. Wish we could find some around here but all my hubby found was a big BEAR almost in our front yard today! I could just see me running & screaming some morning in my PJ’s taking the pug out.
    I haven’t had the joy to meet your fellow 3 bloggers yet in person, but feel like I’ve met them already by following their blog. They do a great job blogging & have really been making some great lifestyle changes too! Keep it up I love reading your blog. Possibly see you tomorrow at the Zumba Hawaii party tomorrow if your going.

  3. love the flowers!

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