Change it up!

Hey there! How was Tuesday? Good I hope! This morning something happened to me that NEVER happens! I overslept! I actually got to bed at a decent hour last night and slept really well. I did hear Brian’s alarm go off but luckily fell back asleep. However, in my dreamlike state I kept wondering why my alarm hadn’t gone off yet, I knew I only had about an hour after Brian got up before my alarm went off and it just seemed longer. Finally I turned over to check out the clock and I had overslept by 40minutes! I had set my alarm for 6pm! Fortunately I didn’t have to teach a class this morning AND I washed my hair last night. So, I made a smoothie to go and grabbed a travel mug full of tea and head over to Viterbo for an early morning (7:30am) Servant Leadership presentation.

As I mentioned, on Sunday I got caught up in some house projects. I wanted to do my regular weekly cleaning on Sunday and wash our windows. Last year we had new windows put in our house, the kind that you can pull inside to wash the outside. I thought I could do all 16 in an afternoon but there was a little more to washing windows than I thought (I only did about half). It also involved moving furniture, which also means cleaning floors that haven’t seen the light of day in awhile. In our kitchen we have one corner with windows on either side. In the mornings it lets in a lot of sunlight and is really pretty. I moved the microwave stand out of the way to wash the windows and said to Brian, “A little table in here sure would look nice.” Truth be told I’ve been watching a little too much House Hunters and have been getting house envy longing to have an “eat in” kitchen. Brian suggested that I move the breakfast table that we have used as a toaster stand for the last five years. What a great idea! Of course it involved finding new places for a few other things but I really liked how it turned out!


So basically I just switched where I had this table and the microwave stand and moved the recycle bins to another location. Wish I would have taken a “before” picture but I honestly didn’t even know I was going to do this but you get the idea.


Since taking this picture I’ve moved the toaster on top of the microwave so I have more counter space. I actually have yet to eat breakfast on it as I have a bad habit of watching TV in the morning and today I rushed out of the house too soon. But it does make the perfect place to take pictures of my morning oatmeal, which I did yesterday!




We all know that that is what really matters right? I do really love my little house. Sure there are some BIG things that I would love to change but neither Brian and I want to take the time to work on it nor do we really have the money. A little change like this really makes things seem fresh and new.

I have a very BIG event I’m working on at church for this weekend so I’m not sure how much I’ll post the rest of the week.  Not to mention the weather is AMAZING! Who wants to be inside staring at the laptop!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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