Saturday Road Trip Part 2: The New

Good early morning! I can’t believe I am awake this early! Brian has been going into work an hour early for almost two months now which means his alarm goes off at about 5am. If I don’t have to teach a class or have an early workout planed I don’t have to get up until almost 7am. In the past I’ve been able to fall back asleep pretty easily after he gets up or not even been awakened when he gets ups but lately not so much! It’s really wearing on me since I tend to stay up later than him thinking I can sleep in. I guess I’m going to have to start going to bed earlier. I figured I could be productive with my early wake up call and get a post up!

If you’re catching up here’s Part 1 of my weekend road trip. After a little more visiting we headed over to Union South which just opened on April 15th. I could not believe how much thought and planning went into this building. They really used some state of the art techniques to make the building as green and energy efficient as possible. They also used a lot of local materials and artists to give the building it’s beautiful design.

Here’s our personal tour guide explaining how the stained glass behind him was designed and created by a student and inspired by the iconic seating at The Terrace at Memorial Union.


Union South also features several unique dining areas each with their own cuisine and theme. Very different from your traditional campus cafeteria.



The Sett is the place to be on campus featuring three floors of entertainment such as indoor rock climbing, bowling, food, live music and more.





Much like Memorial Hall Union South also has a large hall, only it’s bigger, MUCH bigger!


I was so impressed with this building. Around every corner was another surprise. It was very beautiful and modern yet at the same time warm and inviting. I was even more impressed with all the work Patrick did as President of the Union while still managing to go to classes and earn a degree! I’m so proud to know him!

So, did I convince you that you should attend the University of Wisconsin? I’ve almost convinced myself! It was such a fun day and I’m so thankful to my in-laws who offered to drive me down and back for the day.

Got a few things on tap for today including my annual physical (oh joy!), teaching a group strength class at the Technical College, practicing some Zumba dances, and grocery shopping!

Have a great Monday!


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