Saturday Road Trip Part 1: The Old

Whew! What a weekend! Sorry for disappearing for awhile there. I taught two classes at the YMCA EARLY yesterday and then only had about an hour to get ready before hitting the road for a little road trip. Today I have been totally caught up in some house projects.

First of all thank you all so much for the sweet comments here on the blog, on Facebook, and even in person about my weight loss struggle. I really appreciate all the support, compliments, and motivation!

Do yesterday I went on a little adventure with my in-laws. We headed down to Madison for Brian’s cousin, Patrick’s graduation from the University of Wisconsin. Can you believe that I have lived in Wisconsin for 31 years and have NEVER been to THE University??? Brian’s brother and sister both attended the UW so he had visited a bunch of times. Sadly, Brian could not come with because he had to work. Patrick’s parent’s hosted a nice party yesterday and the actual ceremony was today. During his last year at the UW Patrick served in a VERY important role as President of the Student Union.  See everything on that page? Yeah, he was pretty much in charge of ALL of it! He gave us a personalized tour of Memorial Union


The famous Terrace and Lake Mendota. Sadly it was REALLY cold and windy yesterday so we didn’t really get to enjoy it.


The Memorial Union is a very historic building and had some really cool architecture and beautiful murals.



One of my favorite rooms was the Paul Bunyan room which was part of Der Rathskeller. Check out  the cool murals!



Another room that really impressed me was the Great Hall.


Such a cool building and we didn’t even see the half of it! Our final stop on the tour was Patrick’s office. Check out the amazing view!


Of course I spent some time visiting with Brian’s family.


Which also included playing with cute babies!



We also got to tour the brand spanking new South Union, but I’ll save that tour for tomorrow. All I have to say is if I would have visited UW as a high school senior and gotten these tours I might have gone to a different school! Just kidding but I did think it was an amazing place and made me so proud to be from Wisconsin!

Have a good night!


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