After the Detox

Hey there friends! How are you doing today! I am great! It’s another beautiful 80 degree day here in Wisconsin. I haven’t driven my car or blow dried my hair in three days! After a loooooong winter you gotta love the summer weather.

Now, I don’t normally weigh myself every day but I just KNEW (and hoped!) that my weight gain over the past three weeks had to be caused by something other than me being a LITTLE lax with my journaling and taking a few days off from running, so I hoped on the scale this morning hoping for the best. Sure enough I was down 3+ pounds. Whew! My body must have been holding onto some water for some reason, so strange! I am also wearing a pair of shorts that I seem to recall were a little tight and uncomfortable at the end of last summer but today are feeling loose and comfy! I guess it shows you that you shouldn’t put to much weight (pun intended) on what the scale says.

So I promised I’d write a little bit about my thoughts after our alcohol detox. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good glass of wine with dinner.


And an icy cold beer on a hot summer day sure is refreshing!


But after not drinking for 3 months my outlook on consuming alcohol has changed a little bit. Please don’t get the idea that I was a heavy drinker before the detox. I kind of  viewed alcohol as a beverage of choice for someone who is 21. I really just like the taste of beer and wine (not much into liquor or mixed drinks). I don’t drink to get drunk although I will admit that the relaxing effects of alcohol sometimes take the edge off a harried day. During the detox there were times when I REALLY craved a good glass of wine, especially with a good meal. There were even a few times when I had come home from a bad day thinking how much I would enjoy a glass of wine. After the ban had been lifted we might have gone little overboard celebrating our new found freedom to drink. Two weeks after the detox though I was thinking about how it really wasn’t a big deal. I actually had an event (at a bar) that I WASN’T looking forward to drinking at. Now I am choosing to see alcohol as more of a “treat” almost like a dessert, something to imbibe in during special occasions. I certainly don’t need or even want to have a glass of wine with dinner every night. Knowing that I CAN though, makes all the difference. I think this detox was positive proof that when you tell yourself you CAN’T have something you only crave it more. Truly a lesson in moderation.

Physically I could tell how not drinking alcohol effected me. It certainly was easier to lose weight and stay on track with healthy eating. I felt like I had more energy when I detoxed and I thought my skin looked better without alcohol in my life. All good reasons to limit alcohol in my diet. Not to mention the empty calories in alcohol (5 Weight Watcher Points Plus for a regular beer or glass of wine!!).

Now, please note that I am not trying to tell people what to do or that if you drink you are bad. I just thought I would share my experience with this little experiment and how I felt before during in after.

Well, I think I’ll enjoy this beautiful day! Hope you can too!

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2 responses to “After the Detox

  1. Good for you! I myself went thru a complete withdrawl of alcohol in the past few months. I used to LOVE a good drink or beer after a workout, mowing the lawn or wine with good food at dinner. I just don’t care for the taste of it anymore I don’t remember why I liked the taste really. Kind of disappointing (I mean that in the best way) in the food relation, it’s like having a dessert you used to love & then going, meh… I don’t really see what I’d liked in it before. I guess it’s a good thing if you need to keep away from it or trying to get pregnant or something. Which is a good thing since I’m hoping that might happen later this summer…. now the only thing left is to get rid of my sushi addiction… Man that’s going to be the longest 9 mo. of my life if I can’t have my tuna & sushi. 😛

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