Hello there! How are you this fine Wednesday afternoon? I hope wherever you are life is treating you well!

So, much for relaxing on my day off. My little closet clean out took a lot longer than I expected. At one point our bedroom looked like this.


Izzy was such a big help….


NOT! I never did get around to reading that book. But I did get all my summer clothes out and washed up and just in time too. The last two days our temperatures have been over 80 degrees! It seems Wisconsin has forgotten about spring and moved right on over to summer.

I did get a run in Tuesday morning. It was my first run in a week and I only went 3 miles. The good news is my hip did not hurt during the run. There is still a little pain in general but nothing like I was feeling last week. I’m glad that it hasn’t interfered with teaching my fitness classes.

What I really wanted to write about today is something I’ve been struggling with lately and that is, once again, my weight. You can read all about my crazy long weight loss journey here. About three weeks ago I weighed in at my lowest weight to date. I also received a very nice compliment from someone at the Y who noticed my weight loss. I could have sworn I blogged about it here but I guess not! Any way in the last three weeks I have steadily gained weight and realized today that I’ve gained 6lbs in 3 weeks! Now, part of me thinks maybe why weigh in was just messed up because of eating to much salt, water retention, the humidity, or some other outside force. Yet, I know that I have not been as diligent these past three weeks in my food journaling and I did have to take a break from exercising. But 6lbs?! Really?! I am CERTAIN that adding alcohol back into my life is  having an effect on weight loss efforts. I was listening to a Jillian Michaels Podcast and she said that alcohol is the number one worst thing you can consume that negatively effects your metabolism! Yikes! Not really sure what to do about this as I would like to consume alcohol in moderation and do not think it is practical to eliminate it from my life FOREVER. I have a whole other post planned to discuss my thoughts on drinking now that our detox is over.

I am a little worried that quitting going to Weight Watcher’s meeting was a bad idea but honestly I just can’t fit it into my schedule this summer and the meetings were doing nothing for me.

There are so many reasons I want to lose this weight

  • Look good in my bridesmaid dress
  • Feel comfortable running in a sports bra and shorts during out beastly hot summers
  • Be a good role model for the participants in my fitness classes
  • Be a source of strength and support for Brian

I truly feel my best when I am eating right. I know I just have to stick with it. I have all the tools I need. I just need to CONSISTENTLY use them. I am recommitting to journaling. Still going to keep up with my regular exercise as I am already doing about 6 hours a week.  I think this blog will help keep me accountable. I don’t want it to turn into a post about EVERYTHING I ate in day but I will try and update you more on this recommitment and my progress!

Just wanted to put that out there so all my friends and family know that I struggle too, oh yes, and why I’m passing on dessert too (maybe)! Smile

Have a great night!

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2 responses to “Struggling

  1. Injuries most definitely are a reason that I stray off-track. When I’m hurting or frustrated the “all or nothing” attitude pops into my head, stress takes over and accountability flies out the window. I always get myself back in the game, but it is frustrating that I still continually turn to food to comfort. Sounds like you caught it early and have an action plan. So important! Hang in there, you’ve got this!

  2. Ahhhh the closet mess… I suffer from this every season. Hubby can’t ever believe how I have so many clothes… not only that but still keep ones that don’t fit too! So glad that I do since it’s paid off. But now the biggest ? is WHEN… seems like we’ve been playing winter/ summer /winter with no in between this year so far. Warm up darn it really I want to wear my sunglasses skirt!

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