I’m Baaaaaaack!

Holy Wow! I can’t believe I went a whole week without blogging! Can’t remember the last time that happened! Last week was pretty CRAZY! I had a work event almost every night and when I didn’t have a work event I just wanted to veg. I also had some work events on the weekend too. It seems as though the beginning of the academic year and the end are always the busiest. Not to mention I was also finishing up work for my own grad school classes. All in all life did not make for very good blog content!

I also haven’t been exercising very much. Sadly, I am suffering from another strange injury. After Zumba two weeks ago I noticed that my left hip felt “tight” well that tightness never really went away but it wasn’t anything I really noticed. Last Tuesday Brian and I went for a 7 mile run! It was Brian’s longest run yet and I was so proud of him BUT when all was said and done my hip was in some serious pain! I taught my classes Wednesday and Thursday but after that the only exercise I’ve gotten was yoga. I am hoping to try a short run tomorrow. I really miss running especially since  spring has finally decided to come to Wisconsin and the weather has been PERFECT for running!

Despite all the business I did manage to host a pretty fabulous Mother’s Day dinner for my parents, Brian’s parents, and my brother and Raina. I realized as I was preparing it that there was a definite theme of “layers” going on! I also utilized my crock pots to say time and effort.

In crock pot #1 Buffalo Chicken Lasagna!


In crock pot #2 Spinach Lasagna




My favorite dish with the best layers Black Forest Trifle!




I loosely based this dessert on this recipe.  I made the brownies using applesauce instead of oil. I used chocolate chips instead of shaving chocolate and only put them on top not within the layers (next time I would include them in the layers). I did not add almond extract or cherry juice to the pie filling. Next time I would use two cans of cherry pie filling (I also used lite). I used skim milk and lite pudding and whipped topping too!

Here we are with the moms!


It was a lovely dinner!


I am happy to say that today I actually, truly, honestly, have a REAL day off! I needed it too! I literally have no obligations! And since I cleaned the house for yesterday’s dinner I don’t have any regular chores to do. I have already stayed in my jammies until almost 10am catching up on some shows I DVRed. I did have grand plans to wash all the windows in the house but since it is pouring rain out I guess it will have to wait. Instead I plan on getting out my summer wardrobe and packing away the winter wear! I think this will be fun seeing as I’m about 10lbs lighter than I was at the end of last summer. Other than that I am truly going to relax, read a book, maybe watch more TV! I will truly enjoy it since next week I start teaching a fitness class at the Technical College on Monday’s!

Hope your Monday is off to a good start and I promise I won’t stay away as long!


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