All dolled up!

Hey there! Wow what a day it’s been so far! I got up bright and early for a morning run. I wanted to get some exercise in before my busy day began. I ran 5.62miles sporting my newest Bondi Band.


Not sure why I waited so long to get one that said 13.1 on it! Actually I do know why, I had a gift certificate where you got 5 for $5 but I had no reason to buy 5, that is until Brian said he thought he could use some “guy” ones to use as sweat bands. We got him three all with references to beer.


Speaking of running, guess what was going on right outside my front door this morning?


The La Crosse Fitness Festival half and full marathon! I actually ran part of this course for my run this morning (before the race started). There were a lot of volunteers out on the course even when I was running. Last year I did the 32 mile bike tour. I was kind of bummed that I wasn’t able to be part of the festival this year, oh well, maybe next year this will be my marathon!

Izzy really enjoyed watching all the people go by.


I didn’t even get to watch the race as I had to get ready for to celebrate Confirmation at church. I didn’t wear my “hopeful” red suit but I was very happy with my chosen outfit. I own two LBD’s (little black dresses) in two different sizes and I’m proud to say that I wore the smaller sized one! Two things I am loving about myself right now are my arms and my hair.  After teaching group strength classes every week for the last nine months my arms are looking pretty fabulous. I am looking forward to wearing some tank tops this summer. My hair is the longest it’s been since I got married and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with putting it up. I was pretty pleased with my over all look today. Since it’s a rare occurrence that I get dressed up I had Gardner take some pictures.



I had to wear a suit jacket because it is still so cold out!



Love that suit! I know I wouldn’t have felt as comfortable or as confident 15lbs ago!

I headed off to Confirmation which went very well. Then my colleagues and I went out to lunch with the Bishop. It was a pretty big deal, we even had a private room at a nice Italian restaurant. I definitely did not take my camera out and shoot photos of my food, way too formal of an event! It was a very nice lunch and even though it was kind of formal the Bishop was a very down to earth guy and very easy to talk to.

I was happy to get home and into some comfy clothes. Brian and I went grocery shopping and plan on chilling out for the rest of the evening.

Hope you had a great weekend!


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