Irishmen and Prophets

Good evening friends! Wow! What a day! It was my final day of grad school, my course this semester being Prophetic Leadership. As part of our class we got to hear 9 of my classmates present their final colloquium projects. It was pretty inspiring!


One of my classmates closed her presentation with the reminder to us that sometimes we need to step back and breath! Blowing bubbles helps us connect and focus our breath! It was such and enriching day but also intense, lots of information to absorb! When I got home “the boys” were more than happy to head out to dinner to our newest Irish Pub the Dublin Square!



I had hear such good things about this place and couldn’t wait to try it! Their menu featured some traditional Irish food as well as some unique “bar food”


All three of us went for the “build your own burger” option. You could literally get ANY topping on your traditional burger, chicken breast, or walnut burger plus they were served on a variety of breads with several options of cheese.

Brian went with grilled chicken on sourdough, with Swiss chees, pepperoni, and black olives with traditional fries.


Gardner got grilled chicken on sourdough with pepper jack, bacon, and bar-b-q sauce.


I got a walnut burger on wheat berry bread with pepper jack, artichokes, mushrooms, and horseradish with my favorite, sweet potato fries!


It was pretty AMAZING! I ate all of it…definitely not healthy but sooooo delicious! I also got a Black and Blue which is Guinness combined with Blue Moon.


Times 2! Smile Gardener had one too!


I would definitely eat there again. There were a lot of interesting things on their menu that I would love to try!

Well, I am pretty beat! Tomorrow we have Confirmation ALL morning and then I’m going to lunch with…THE BISHOP! My camera will NOT be making an appearance at lunch! I’m going to try and wrestle the remote control away from the boys so I can watch something other than sports! Have a good night!



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