Hey there! Bet you’ve been wondering where I’ve been! So sorry for my absence. Really my only excuse is there hasn’t been much going on worth writing about. I have certainly been busy with my job, teaching fitness classes, and grad school. Just nothing healthy eating/living worth writing home about. I am almost done with school for the semester and since the two classes I am taking overlap I’ve been VERY busy finishing up papers for that. I did manage to do some work on my papers outside on our one only nice day of the week.


Hmmmm… looks like my webcam is dirty!

Today I also had a note worthy breakfast, my version of a healthy a fast food breakfast sandwich.


Egg whites, with a venison breakfast sausage, low-fat cheese, on an Arnold Thin with a side of oranges.

I did make a decision about running a marathon this fall. I have decided NOT to do it. I really am hoping to finish up grad school this Fall and that time of year is just so busy at my work. The thought of training was really stressing me out so I know that this is the right decision. I do know that I WILL run a marathon some day, now is just not the time.

I will be very busy with grad school this weekend. I am contributing  Back on Track Wheat Berry Salad for our afternoon potluck. Gotta try and keep it healthy! Gardner will also be in town so I am hoping that we can go downtown to the new Irish Pub, that would definitely be blog worthy!

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