Hopp’n in to say hello!

Hey there! Happy Easter to you! I’ve been MIA for a long time! This being Holy Week and all our priest suggested that we take some time out and disconnect from the electronic world  for awhile. That’s one reason I’ve been gone. I’ve also been at church A LOT! I actually LOVE the Easter Triduum and sang in the church choir this year. It was a lot of fun but it meant I had little time for anything else. Not to mention I have this HUGE paper due soon so I’ve been working on that in my spare time (like for 4 1/2 hours yesterday!). We did have a fun time with friends and family this weekend. Here are some of the highlights!


Decorating Easter Eggs with my nieces!



Brian making some delicious Bloody Mary’s for our own personal Easter brunch we ate this morning after a 5+ mile run (his longest to date!)


Enjoying our Bloody Mary’s!


Getting ready for the Easter Vigil!



All dressed up and ready to go!


The Easter Bunny came and hid some baskets for us “kids” at my mom’s house.


I am pretty exhausted from all that celebrating. Hoping for an early bedtime before another busy week ahead! Hope your Easter was a hoppy one!

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One response to “Hopp’n in to say hello!

  1. You look really pretty in your dress – love it! Sounds like a great Easter and break from technology.

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