The ban has been lifted!

Hey there friends! Yesterday was our last day of alcohol detox. Brian went in this morning for his tests so guess what we had with dinner tonight?


Oh yeah! A beer and a (venison) burger the perfect spring/summer meal! Too bad it’s suppose to snow AGAIN tomorrow! Oh well! It felt good to celebrate on a Monday!


Besides drinking beer today I went for an early morning swim. Can you believe I haven’t been in the pool since that fateful February day when I crashed into that other swimmer? It felt good to be back. I had intended to do 40 laps but as I was warming up I thought, “No way, I’ll make 40, I’ll just do 30.” About 15 laps in I felt a little stronger and thought I could maybe go 40. I compromised and did 35. It felt good! It also felt good when a woman who takes my classes at the Y told me she could tell I had lost a lot of weight! Not many people have noticed or said anything so I really appreciated the compliment. Actually today I weighed in at home and at Weight Watchers and am at the lowest weight I’ve been in a looooong time! Not sure how adding alcohol back in will affect me, I guess we’ll see!

I also did some MAJOR cleaning. My kitchen is very sparkly now!

My final adventure of the day was trip here.

IMG_0019[1]     IMG_0023[1]

Can you guess where here is? It’s our tiny little airport, it only has three gates but it does have free Wi-Fi! It is really great to fly in and out of though, if you can afford it! I was there to pick up my good friend Jess who had been traveling from Peru for 19 hours!! She pretty much runs an orphanage in Peru and is here to promote the orphanage and get funding from churches in our diocese. Can you believe she just graduated college in December of 2009?! She’s a pretty amazing young woman and I hope that I get to spend some time with her while she’s back.

Oh yes, and I also worked on grad school homework. Which is why I must finish this post before my eyes turn into squares from staring at the computer screen too long. Did anyone else’s mom tell them that would happen if they watched too much TV?

Have a good night!


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