A Marathon of a Dilemma

Whoa! It sure early for a Saturday morning! I had to get up early today to teach Group Strength at the YMCA but not THIS early! I had a hard time sleeping last night and finally at 5:30am just said, “screw it!” and got out of bed. Once the sun finally came up I realized that I also woke up to this…


  Yep snow…AGAIN! Come on! Can’t we catch a break here in Wisconsin?!  I figured I’d get started writing a post since with hopes that get a nap in later! It’s so early the dog isn’t even awake yet!

So I mentioned earlier this month that one of my goals for April was to decide if I should run a marathon this year. Specifically I would like to run the Twin Cities Marathon and as of a few minutes ago (I just checked) it is still open but I’ve heard that it closes quickly.

As I sit here typing this, debating weather I should train and complete a marathon I almost have to laugh. I skipped the two runs I had planned for this week and have no intention of running today! So that means I haven’t run in a week. Since completing the Disney Half Marathon, besides the times when I have to teach at the YMCA, I’ve kind of just let my body tell me if I want to run or not. Sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t! And that’s just fine with me, I kind of like it. That right there is one reason NOT to do a marathon. Do I really want to get sucked into the obsessiveness of following a training plan, and stressing out if I have to skip a run here and there? I am a type “A” personality so I like to have a well laid plan and I feel like once I commit to a plan I need to follow it.

The other issue is time. I know that I could run a marathon if I trained for it but the question is do I have time this summer? I’ve changed up a few of my classes at the Y so essentially I would have more time and energy to train during the week. Right now, with the exception of July, our weekends in the summer are looking pretty open. I’ve actually mapped out a training plan and what my long runs on the weekends would like. According to it I have a 14mile run planned for the weekend of my brother’s wedding. On the other hand they just did a story about a bride to be (who I actually know from the YMCA) who did a 16mile training run the day of her wedding! The other factor is that the month right before the marathon, when I would be doing the longest of runs (20 miles!) is also one of the busiest time of year for me at work. I also am hoping to complete my grad school work this fall which means writing a final thesis. I won’t be taking classes on the weekend but from what I understand you need to work on that paper every spare chance you get which essentially means on the weekend. That is not set in stone yet. I still need to talk with my advisor.

The final thing that places doubt in my mind about running a marathon is injury. I still have not got that strange leg injury I suffered during half marathon training checked out. Honestly I haven’t gotten it checked out because it really doesn’t bother me. Every once in a while it will ache but nothing horrible. This still indicates to me that something is not quite right with it. On the other hand my back hadn’t flared up at all.

So, after all of my reasons why I shouldn’t run a marathon why SHOULD I or rather why do I want to? After training for two half marathons in a span of six months I know this is just something I want to do, just to say I did it. I really do enjoy running and even though I haven’t been doing much of it lately I really enjoyed the long slow runs. I also ask myself, “If not now, when?” I’m pretty much in the prime of my life, I don’t have any kids, and I’m in the best shape of my life. As far as my reasons why I shouldn’t do it I can certainly think my way around them. The whole issue of time will evaporate once I sign up. If I really want to do something I’ll make time. As far as being locked into a training plan, I’m okay with that too. In fact my type “a” personality kind of likes having a goal and some direction to follow. As far as the injury goes I’m not too sure. I really need to have it checked out. I wouldn’t want to sign up, pay the registration fee, start training, and then seriously or permanently injure myself. The only other thing holding me back is I know Brian won’t be there on race day to support me. It will most definitely be the opening of duck hunting season I know that is very important to him. I know that I have other friends and family who will be out there supporting me but, it might not be the same without him.

I waffle on the decision day to day. Sometimes the desire is so strong, or after I have a really good run my brain and my body just want to do more. Other days I’m so busy or tired that the thought of training for a marathon exhausts me.

So, what do you think? Should I do it? How would you decide?

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