It’s my birthday and I’ll run if I want to! ACS 5K Race Recap!

Good evening friends! I have been waiting all day to share with you all the wonderful ways I’ve been celebrating the start of my 31st year of life! It has been a great day!

Brian and I started out the morning by sleeping in, which really wasn’t sleeping in since I woke up before 7am! We lounged around for awhile. I started some laundry and did some home work, yes I know how what a FUN way to spend your birthday but it’s just what I had to do. It was good to relax and hang out together before heading to the American Caner Society 5K Run/Walk. Eleven years ago this was the first race I ever participated in as a runner. I don’t remember much about that race eleven years ago except for it was cold for April and my only goal was to run the whole way. I’m lucky that my friend Darick had someone take a picture of us and my college roommate after the race to capture the memory.


I had wanted to do this run again for several years but something was always going on. When I found out this year it was taking place on my birthday I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate. I was even more excited because I asked Brian if he would run it with me as a birthday gift and he said yes! It would be his first race!’

Well, the weather was a lot warmer than we were us to running in. Earlier this week I was wearing tights and a long sleep shirt and it was in the 50’s today it got up to 80 and I broke out the shorts (and my pasty white legs) for the first time. They were calling for severe storms but they held off for the race. There were also a lot more hills than we had anticipated. Our time wasn’t as good as we had hoped or trained for but considering the change in weather and the hills I felt pretty good about our race. I was so proud of Brian! A year ago he couldn’t even run 4 blocks!


After the race we headed home to shower and then back out for Sushi! I really wanted to try a new place in town, The Bamboo House. The last time we are Sushi was way back last July at Yoko’s.  I have always loved Yoko’s but I think The Bamboo House was just a cut above. The Sushi was much fresher, it literally melted in your mouth. So good!

We started out with spring rolls. I have been craving one since we visited the St. Paul Farmer’s market last summer.


These were just ok. Nothing like the ones in St. Paul. But the Sushi! Oh the Sushi!



In the center the Philadelphia Roll, surrounding that Hamachi (yellow tuna), upper left spicy shrimp, lower right Alaska Roll, and in the upper right and lower left corners the Sweetheart Roll.


I will definitely be going back to the Bamboo House. I would like try some of their Thai dishes too.

We headed back home to relax for awhile and even had to hideout in the basement during a severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings! Later my parents, Brian’s parents, and my brother and Raina came over for Diary Queen ice cream cake!


I love how the frosting is making my teeth look red!

It was a great birthday but I am exhausted! Here’s to a great birthday, I am ready to embrace my 31st year with joy and enthusiasm. I just can’t wait to see what life has in store fore me.


2 responses to “It’s my birthday and I’ll run if I want to! ACS 5K Race Recap!

  1. What a great way to celebrate. Congrats to Brian on his first 5K and huge happy belated birthday wishes to you my friend! – p.s. that sushi looks amazing!

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