Bring on the Birthday Adventures

Good Saturday morning blog world! I’m up nice an early ready to take on another day of grad school. Hopefully I can get this post off before I pedal myself over to school!

So, as you may know my 31st birthday is tomorrow! I’m one of those people who likes to celebrate for a few days before or after and this year is no exception. My mother offered to take me out to lunch yesterday for my birthday so I thought I would make the whole day a celebration.

I started out with this very decadent breakfast!



That would be overnight oats in a jar layered with cookie dough banana soft serve! Last weekend I whipped up the cookie dough and banana soft serve. I couldn’t eat all the soft serve and frozen it hoping it would thaw out well. I took it out of the freezer before I went on a run yesterday morning and by the time I had run 3 miles and stretched it was the perfect consistency. Plus no need to dirty up the food processor. This was so delicious and a perfect healthy breakfast treat.

Then I thought I’d stop at near by coffee shop on my way to work and treat myself to a fancy coffee! This cute little Irish coffee shop opened last fall  just down the street from where I work.


Look how close it is located to where I work (both circled in red).

coffee and work

Can you believe yesterday was  only the third time I had been there? It would be very easy to make a habit of stopping in every day for a cup of Joe Smile I had a delightful cup of their highlander grog. I was happy to see that the place was pretty full. I will definitely be back for more!

I chose to go to Hackberry’s Bistro for lunch. This was one of the first places I felt comfortable enough to take my camera out and capture my lunch last year!

I had the portabella mushroom sandwich and a side of soup. Their soup for the day was this wonderful fish chowder in a spicy red broth with salmon and clams. It was REALLY good and unique! The sandwich was also very tasty!


Since I was celebrating my birthday I got dessert too!


This was a the perfect sweet treat for the afternoon and didn’t give me to much of a sugar rush. Seemingly simple it was just strawberries (very fresh) with homemade chocolate cake and real whipped cream! Loved it!

Thanks mom for celebrating my birthday with me! I had so much fun!


Well, I gotta get going or I’ll be late for the start of my 8:30am coffee and doughnuts class. Have a great day!

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2 responses to “Bring on the Birthday Adventures

  1. Happy birthday!!! Nice to have someone else in the 31 club 🙂

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