The Great Weight Watcher Debate

Hey friends! How is you day going? Mine is pretty good! Today I am playing the role of fitness instructor/grad school student. I just taught my group strength class, polished up some papers due this week, and will be heading out to teach cycling soon!

So, today I thought I would write about a little debate I’ve been having in my head over the last few days. I guess it’s really not so much a debate as I’ve already decided what I want to do. So, as you know I rejoined Weight Watchers for the millionth time (you can read all about my weight loss roller coaster here ) last December to check out their new Points Plus Program. So far I have been pretty successful,  losing an average of 0.5lbs a week but I am eating well and enjoying indulgences in moderation which is what the plan is all about. I really love the new Points Plus Program. Lately thought I’ve been a little frustrated with a few things. The major issue I am having is weighing in at meetings. The only meeting I can get to is Monday at noon, which works in my schedule but is kind of inconvenient as it breaks my only day off up. Last week is a perfect example of why I think weighing in a meetings is annoying. I had a REALLY good week. I stayed on program and saved most of my Weekly Points Plus Allowance for some indulgences on the week. I did not go over my WPPA or even use any of my Activity Points Plus. I was hoping for a decent loss after some gains due to me not being on program. But since I indulged on the weekend (stay within my WPPA mind you) I was down a measly 0.2lbs. Honestly, I wasn’t that disappointed as I don’t put much value into what the scale says at Weight Watchers. But, if you are going to be part of the meetings you have to weigh in. Yes, I know you can skip the weigh in now and then but I’m pretty sure not all the time. I guess what I am saying is that I feel like I am living the program, and living it successfully. I am not depriving my self of food and have gained control over my treats and indulgences. I feel that WW puts too much emphasis on the scale, especially since you have to pay $40/month unless you are with in your goal range for weight. When I weighed myself a few days later, in the morning, before eating, after going to the bathroom, in my birthday suit, I was down, of course, duh!

So, I’m not quitting WW but I am quitting going to meetings. My future sister-in-law and another gal who is going to be a bridesmaid in the wedding are both doing WW online which is MUCH cheaper. I’m going to finish out the month of April at meetings (since I already paid) and then switch to online in May. I guess I’m a little concerned that I won’t have the accountability of weighing in in front of someone or the support of the group but I wasn’t really getting much out of the meetings any way. I know my future sister-in-law and the other bride maid will be good support and motivation. Not to mention I got offered a job teaching a fitness class for the Technical College which will take place during the current WW meeting I’m attending. I’d rather be making money than spending it and I’m not sure where I’d fit another meeting into my already busy life. I guess if I struggle without the meeting I can always go back.

So that’s what’s been going on in my head lately. Another dilemma I’ve been having is weather or not to a marathon this year but I’ll save that for another post!

Have a beautiful day! It’s sunny and warmer (highs in the upper 50’s!) so I’ve been riding my bike all over town!

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