In an almond shell

Hey! How was your weekend? How was you Monday? I know, I’ve been MIA lately. I’d like to say I have a lot to catch you up on but really not much has happened since I last blogged. I can probably sum it up in a nut (almond) shell. Here it goes.

On Friday mother nature played a little April’s fool trick on us.


Yes, snow, again. Let’s hope that was the last of it. Good news is, it melted quickly.

Our friend Gardner came to town Friday night. He and Brian were going to work on making preparations for Turkey hunting. The two Brians went out to dinner but I headed back to church for a simple soup dinner and speaker that was offered for Lent.

Brian had to work Saturday morning so Gardner and I headed to a coffee shop so I could do some homework and he could do some work work.


I actually got a lot of work done at the coffee shop, if my wallet could handle it I would do it more often. Gardner and I also went out to breakfast at The Shrine. I had been there for lunch a couple of times and they had a pretty unique menu but the breakfast was pretty boring, so no pictures. I was a little disappointed.

I spent most of Saturday working on some papers for grad school. I was pretty proud of myself for knocking out two papers! It was a beautiful day out and I did manage to get in a fantastic 5 1/2 mile run. Later on Saturday we road our bikes over to my brother and his fiancé’s new house to see all the work they have been doing on it.

I had to work on Sunday morning and spent a lot of Sunday doing chores and laundry. I did manage to make two FABULOUS almond butters. I saw both of these on Ashley’s blog who is in the process of moving. Ironically she remodeled her new kitchen in a very similar manner to what I would like to do in our house some day, that is if we ever win the lottery. Ashley has the market corned on unique almond butter recipes. I tried her Pumpkin Spiced Almond Butter this fall and fell in love! Sunday I made Coconut Almond Butter and Smoked Paprika Almond Butter. I had never made coconut butter before and for some reason it took awhile to actually turn in coconut butter, not sure why, maybe not enough coconut? Eventually I had success and the almond butter turned out beautifully. I love testing it while it’s still warm out of the food processor. It was soooooo good! The Smoked Paprika Almond Butter turned out ok but it wasn’t as savory as I thought it would be but I also just used plain paprika because I couldn’t find smoked paprika. I wasn’t really sure what else I could add to spice it up. I would definitely make the coconut almond butter again and might make the paprika almond butter again with smoked paprika.

Almond butter is definitely a red light food for me, meaning I could eat it out of the jar with a spoon. My plan is to take the almond butters to class with me this weekend and buy some fancy bread to share with my class mates, that is, if it lasts that long. Don’t worry friends, I haven’t been eating this with a spoon just spread a little on some toast today.

And that brings us to today. I slept in, did some cleaning, paid the bills and headed to a Weight Watcher meeting. The topic again was exercise. They are encouraging all members to walk or run 5K in the next 6 weeks or so. Yeah, I didn’t have much to add to the conversation since after the meeting I was planning on running 4 miles and Brian and I are doing a 5K this weekend!  I did in fact run outside for 4 miles facing, wind, rain, sleet, and sun! Weird day weather wise. I had to go into work for a little bit and now I’m chilling on the couch!

So that’s what you missed! Not sure what the week holds but I am looking forward to my class on the weekend and my birthday on Sunday!


3 responses to “In an almond shell

  1. Awesome job on knocking out those papers!! Glad you liked the almond butters. Smoked paprika is definitely key. 🙂 If you can’t find it, you might try and use a chipotle seasoning instead. I could definitely see it being a bit bland with the plain paprika! I have a major addiction to smoked paprika!

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