Out Like A Lamb

Hey there, happy almost Friday to you! Can you believe it’s the last day of March? Where did this month go? I’m not sure if we can consider March going out as a “lamb” or not. Right now it’s almost 50 degrees and earlier it was sunny BUT tonight the temps are suppose to drop and we might get a little snow! Oh how I wish spring would get here for real! In trying to determine if March came in like a lion or a lamb I looked back through my blog at all the happenings in March. Here are some of the highlights!

I survived a CRAZY work week at the church and still managed to eat healthy despite a lot of temptation.

I took a trip to Central/Northern Wisconsin to visit some family

I got in two (1 and 2) good out door runs before some freak late spring snow storms

As part of my Grad school program my classmates and I wrote a song with folk singer Larry Long and later got to hear him in concert.

During that same weekend I got to see my first Roller Derby match featuring my cousin- Déjà vu!

I had  a week long love affair with my crockpot.

We had a really nice week of warm weather and I broke out my NEW commuter bike and road it all around town!

We started a new St. Patrick’s Day tradition.

I survived our relapse into winter by making some new spring inspired recipes.

I almost lost my dog and realized how much that big ball of fur means to me!

I celebrated my brother and dad’s birthday at my parent’s house with a delicious dinner!

Wow! What a month! I didn’t even blog every day! I sure love having this blog as way to keep a record of all the memorable moments of my life!

I don’t usually do this but I do have some goals for April.

Spring is what I like to call “Birthday Season” Between March 19th and May 2nd we celebrate 3 birthdays in our family (including mine!) and now 4 as we welcome Raina to our family. Plus Easter always happens in there too. It is also what I call “Gardner Season.” Our friend Gardner comes to town 2-3 times this month for hunting and fishing adventures with Brian. We like to go out to eat with Gardner. That means lots of celebrations and lots of delicious foods. One goal I have for April is to stay committed to my way of eating and tracking on Weight Watchers. I actually haven’t lost any weight this March. It isn’t so much about the number on the scale that bothers me but I have gotten away from keeping track of my food and fitting treats into my plan in moderation. I made it through a very stressful and tempting WEEK this past month I KNOW I can fit in these celebrations in a reasonable manner. It’s just a matter of doing it. Hopefully a bonus of staying on track will yield a weight loss. I would still love to fit into my red suit for Confirmation at the beginning of May.

I would also like to make a decision about weather or not I want to do a Marathon this year. I have been toying with the idea for awhile and looked into training plans and how they would fit into my life this summer. I’m not sure if this is the time to do it or not. Depending on what I decide about the Marathon I would also like to figure out if a triathlon is possible this summer as well.

I would also like to hit 1,000 views on the blog this month so keep reading and tell your friends to read too Smile!

So, how was your March? What are your plans for April?


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