Alcohol Detox Update

Hey there! Here’s hoping you are having a terrific Tuesday! Mine has been pretty good so far. I wrote up a new total body strength workout for my Group Strength class this week and got a chance to try it out at the Y this morning. It’s a good one! I was feeling the burn! Then I headed to work at the church for the day. I have a few hours until I have to head back for a book study I’m leading.

I thought I’d give you a little update on how our alcohol detox has been going so far. Honestly, it hasn’t been that hard for me. There’s only one time I can recall where I REALLY thought a glass of red wine would be nice and that was after a long drive to Steven’s Point plus knowing I was going to have good meal. A couple of times when I’ve been out with my classmates at bars I’ve had no problem ordering a nonalcoholic beer just to join in and be social. I actually really enjoy O’Doul’s especially the Amber and I also tried Kaliber which is a N/A produced by Guinness that I really liked.  I definitely don’t miss the “buzz” I sometimes get from even 2 drinks which also causes me to want to eat more and I certainly don’t miss the dehydrated feeling I sometimes get in the morning after I’ve had a few drinks. Not drinking certainly saves A LOT of calories and I am now certain that it affects metabolism. The first week after not drinking I lost 5lbs at Weight Watchers.

I didn’t really drink that much before the detox but I did enjoy an occasional glass of wine in the evening and I usually imbibed when we were out with friends or out to eat. Once our detox period is over I will drink again but maybe will think twice before doing so. I don’t NEED to drink to have a good time so there is really no reason to every time I go out. I do like the taste of wine and beer especially with a good meal and am looking forward to that again.

I won’t speak for Brian but I’m pretty sure he misses it more than I do Smile “How many more days honey?”…


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