30 Minutes of Panic

Hey there! How’s the start of your week going. I feel like I have so much news to share with you! Where to begin? Well first of all I better explain the title of this post. This little lady gave us quite a scare tonight.


After Brian and I got home from and AWESOME 3 mile run we let Izzy out in our fenced in back yard. I hopped in the shower and Brian started dinner. When I got out of the shower he commented to me how she must be enjoying the sun shine  because she wasn’t asking to come back in. Brian went out to start the grill and yelled an expletive at the top of his lungs! I ran to the back door to see what was the matter. We must of left the gate open and Izzy was gone! Notice what she’s NOT wearing in the above picture. Yes, that’s right, no collar. We take it off at night and are not very good at putting it back on. She’s gotten out maybe one or two times before but has never gone very far. We called and called but she was no where to be found! Brian jumped in the car and I headed out on foot. There were a lot of neighbors out and about who know Izzy because they see me walking her. I told them all about our situation and to please keep there eyes out for her. Brian picked me up and we drove around but still didn’t see her. We were really starting to panic, imagining the worse of course. We headed back towards out house and saw one of the neighbors standing in our ally waving us down. When we approached him he told us he had found her down by the grade school, called her, she came right to him and followed him home. He put her in our yard. We were so relived! Needless to say we will be more diligent about her collar and the gate. I actually ordered her a new collar with her name and number embroidered on it since the little tags we always buy seem to fall off and all she has is her rabies tag and license. We felt like pretty bad doggie parents after that. I’m just so glad nothing bad happened to her.

That was the most exciting news of the day. Here’s a short list of what else has been going on.

1. A work thing I had going yesterday got canceled so I ended up cleaning the whole house and going to Sunday night yoga! It was a good thing I got the house cleaned yesterday because I had appointments spaced throughout the day today and wouldn’t have had much time.

2. It was also good I got the cleaning done because today I felt terrible! I mentioned I was getting sick again yesterday. I had been taking a pretty effective drug that lasts 12 hours and is a non-drowsy formula. I asked Brian if I could take it before bed and he said he did. The answer really is, “No you should not take that before bed!” I swear I didn’t sleep a wink all night. I would just about get  to sleep and then something would wake me up. I was jittery all night long! Surprisingly I feel a bit better, cold wise, right now. I will not be taking any medication tonight!

3. Today in my Weight Watcher meeting we talked about how it’s nice to have a WW buddy. I was feeling kind of bad that I don’t really have a WW buddy. When I got home from the meeting I checked Facebook and my future sister-in-law told me she was joining WW and so was another bridesmaid. Now we can all support each other!

4. I recently found out that there is a 5K race the day of my 31st birthday. Ironically enough it was the FIRST race I ever ran way back in 2000. And guess who else’s first race it’s going to be…Brian’s! We have been talking about it for awhile and officially signed up today! I am so excited. We actually ran a pretty speedy 3 miles today (about 28 minutes) but he says he doesn’t think he can go that fast. I bet he can!

That’s it! What’s new in your world? Did you ever have a moment of panic like I did? Do you ever feel like a bad doggie parent?


5 responses to “30 Minutes of Panic

  1. Been there more times then I want to say. Makes your heart sink in your chest just thinking that something has happened to your four legged family member. Glad you found her. There are gate alarms that will start to beep if the gate is left open for a set period of time, maybe you should think of getting one. Not very expensive, well worth the cost in emotional dollars.

  2. isn’t that just like a dog to want to be buck naked…hehe… without a collar! Glad you found her and it’s great that Brian is running with you now.

  3. So glad Izzy is home safe. Higgy has gotten out one time, he had walked into the neighbors garage…thankfully they just brought him right over. It sure gets your heart racing. I will stop and get out of my car if I see a dog wandering the streets – I feel like it’s good karma and nothing makes me happier than returning a pet to its worried owners.

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