Weekend Doings

Hey there! It’s been awhile since I posted! I’d say not much has been going on but really the weekend has just flown by, something must have happened!

In my last post I mentioned that I was making a salmon dish. Sadly this recipe will NOT be a keeper! Not sure what was the problem. I don’t think the asparagus was very good and it didn’t really cook well. I also thought the salmon was a little too fishy. Yes, I know it is fish, but you know what I mean. Brian said next time he would just cook everything separately! Oh well!

Now, here’s something that DID taste good!



On Friday I went to lunch with my friend Carolyn. We went downtown to Buzzard Billy’s. I LOVE this restaurant as you can probably tell since it’s been featured on the blog here and here.

On Friday I had the veggie sandwich and a creamy crab soup. I LOVE their veggies sandwich! I had never had the soup and was so glad I tried it, delish!

Yesterday was filled with working out! I taught two classes at the YMCA, Group Strength and Zumba and a little later in the day did a Zumba demo for a Suicide Prevention fundraiser. Then we headed over to celebrate my dad’s  birthday which was Friday and my brother’s birthday which was last weekend. My mom made a FABULOUS red velvet cake with really good frosting. I’m usually not a big cake fan but this really good..even without ice cream Smile



I was so excited to give my dad is homemade present!


Those are Chocolate Covered Orange peels, my dad’s favorite candy! I can remember going on vacation to Wisconsin Dells and seeking out a candy shop to buy these delicious little treats.  When I saw this recipe on Jenna’s blog I just knew I had to make them! They were actually pretty easy to make and except for a minor incident with over melted chocolate and scalded milk I did a pretty good job!



Brian said it looked like I was eating a piece of “you know what!” What a goof! We had a good night watching funny YouTube videos and sharing funny stories and memories that Raina hadn’t heard yet, mostly about my brother!

Sadly, I feel like I am getting sick again! The cold Brian and I had two weeks ago seemed to keep Brian miserable longer than it did me. Now, I think he had something else because  I seem to be displaying the same symptoms of stuffy nose and cough. Oh well! Hope I get better soon. I need to head to work at church soon other than that not sure what is on the plan for today except for laundry! Hope you enjoy the end of your weekend!


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