More Spring Adventures

Hey there! How did you kick off your week? I continued my adventures from this weekend! My cousin and her family stayed in town most of the day before heading back home so I got to hang out with them. We had so much fun!

First we headed up to Granddad’s Bluff to take in a full view of our town.



That’s Colton my cousin’s oldest son. Sadly it was kind of foggy out so it was hard for me to point out some of our more famous landmarks. After checking out the view we headed over to Kids Coulee, a fun playground, so the kids could burn off some energy.


There’s my buddy Jack!



Colton was all about making goofy faces!


Jill showed off her skills!


Of course the boys had to give it a try too!




It was such a fun day! But sadly it wasn’t very warm out for a spring day! After playing at the park we head out for lunch at the Olive Garden. I rolled with the soup, salad, and breadstick lunch. After lunch it was time for Jill and her family to head home. I was so glad I got to spend some time with them!

I had fully intended on running after spending time with my family but the cold weather was kind of putting a damper on my plans. Luckily the sun came out. I let the soup, salad, and breadsticks settle for a little bit and then headed out. I don’t know if it was my lunch or the fact that I haven’t exercised hard for three days but I ran 5 miles in 45:30 averaging a 9:06 mile! It felt so good! I was actually going to stop at 4.5miles because I was close to my house but I decided to go for it and ran right past my house to complete a nice even 5 miler!

Now I am just hanging out with Brian who is still sick with a bad cold! Poor guy!

If you would like to here some of the music from my weekend adventures check out these links to my YouTube account.

 We are Blest:The song my fellow Servant Leaders and I wrote with Larry Long Yes the soprano voice you hear is mine. Please forgive my “mess ups” we literally wrote and learned the song in less than 2 hours! The woman helping us follow the lyrics is my friend Sheri! 

Eddie Allen singing an original song The Trempealeau Hotel a new to me song about our beautiful Mississippi River!

Along the Blue Highway one of my favorite river songs.



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