Small Town Weekend Adventures Part 2

Wow! It’s after 10pm on Sunday night and I am still going…barely! As you can tell it has been a very full weekend and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

Last night I headed out to Leo and Leona’s a bar located in a VERY small town (so small if you’d blink you’d miss it!) called Newburg’s Corner which is located about 15 miles outside of town way out in the country. It was a beautiful drive up into the bluffs just as the sun was setting. Larry Long and my professor Tom Thibodeau sang songs and told stories until almost 11pm at night! It was such and enjoyable night. Hard to believe they never rehearse together or even plan out which stories to tell or songs to sing!


I got home pretty late but it was totally worth it as I fell asleep with the the music of Larry Long playing through my head!

This morning I slept in and awoke to our first spring thunderstorm. I took my time eating breakfast and relished hanging out in my pajamas. My plans for the day was to go to church, get stuff done around the house, shop at the Co-Op, prep something for lunches this week, and get in a run. I had hoped to run outside but the cold rainy weather didn’t look to welcoming so I knew I would have to do it at the Y on the treadmill, yuck! Once I transition to outdoor running I find it difficult to go back inside. Fortunately my dad solved that problem for me and invited me over for an early dinner of corned beef and cabbage. I new there was no way I would be able to fit a run in there so I skipped it. I haven’t done any serious cardio in three days! That must be a record for me! My body is starting to miss it!

Dinner was delicious though! We started out with a pear and spiced walnut salad with gorgonzola cheese and home made dressing!


My mom and dad have this perfect little window ledge to take pictures of food in natural sunlight! Then we feasted on our “traditional” Irish diner!


So good! I really enjoyed our Reuben Pizza but was kind of missing corned beef and cabbage.

We had to have dinner early because at 6:30pm we headed to…Roller Derby! My cousin from Steven’s Point joined their local team the Mid-State Sisters of Skate and they were taking part in a mixer with one of the roller derby teams in our town, the Mississippi Mayhem and one other team. I had never been to a bout before but had wanted to ever since I saw the movie Whip It! Plus I thought it was really cool that my cousin Jill, or Deja Vu as she is known, was on a roller derby team.


Here she is in action! It was so hard to get a good picture as they move so fast! It was Jill’s first bout and she did really well! She even got to be jammer for a few jams and scored a ton of points for her team. I think she was integral in helping her team pull ahead and ultimately win! It was a super fun experience! I hope to see her participate again!

Well, I better hit the hay! I am super exhausted after all the fun adventures I had this weekend. I hope to meet up with Jill and the rest of her family tomorrow before they head home!

Hope you had some fun weekend adventures too!


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