Gearing up for spring!

Good Wednesday evening to you! I usually don’t get an opportunity to post on Wednesday’s since it is “church night” and I usually work late. Tonight we are off since the schools have a four day weekend. It’s been my experience it’s pointless to try and “make” kids learn stuff the night before a long weekend. Plus lots of families head out of town. I’m so grateful that I can come home early, put on my PJ’s and relax with a cup of tea. My cold is still plaguing me! It is really making miserable especially at night when I try to sleep! So annoying since I was healthy all winter. I wish I was feeling better so I could enjoy the spring weather.  Today the weather was beautiful! So beautiful that I got to wear my new  trench coat I bought a few weeks ago AND ride my NEW bike to work and the Y.


Would you believe that someone GAVE me that bike? A man I know from church was in one of my fitness classes at the Y. He approached me after the class and asked if I knew any students who needed a bike. He said he had two he was looking to get rid of. Then he said, “Say! One would be perfect for you as a commuter bike. Why don’t you stop by my house and check it out?” So I did and he just gave me the bike! It is a REALLY nice bike! He gave it to me on one of the coldest days this winter and I have been itching to ride it ever since. Today was the day and I LOVED it! I don’t think I’ll ever drive anywhere again! The bike I had been using to bop around town was one I got when I was 10 years old! It still worked and everything but the frame was a little small for me. It definitely wouldn’t have been comfortable on a longer ride. This new bike is so beautiful. It’s lightweight and fast. I feel so lucky to have it! Now all I need is some type of basket to carry my groceries in. Even though I’m sure he doesn’t read this, “Thank You Dr. Alcee for the beautiful bike!”

One more recipe in my crock pot this week. Tonight’s dish was Orange Chicken.


Stephanie wrote two whole cookbooks with recipes for the crockpot! I actually make a few changes to her recipe. I double the orange sauce (what are you suppose to do with 1/2 a can of frozen orange juice any way?) and add a bag of frozen Chinese vegetables. So delicious! And healthier than the deep fried orange chicken you would find at a restaurant.

That’s about it from me. No big plans for tomorrow, just teaching my fitness classes (I hope I can survive!) and more laying low to try and get over this cold. Have a good night!


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