Lazy Day

Hey there. Hope you had a nice Saturday. I was totally LAZY, in fact I didn’t even get out of my p.j.’s! Actually last night I kind of felt like I was getting a cold and this morning despite getting a ton of sleep I still felt groggy, my throat is sore, I have a little congestion and generally just feel off. I thought this was the perfect excuse for a lazy day. Brian didn’t go fishing early this morning so he made me breakfast!


Scrambles eggs, venison breakfast sausage, toast, and an orange. I did motivate myself to do some homework for grad school but other than that there as been a lot this going on.


I think we are going to try and watch one more movie (I think I’ve already watched 3!) then call it an early night. We do lose an hour tonight because of Daylight Savings time and I think all I need is a little more rest and I’ll be good as new! Have a good night!

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