Get out and run!

Good Wednesday afternoon to you! Hope you are having a good one. Anyone else celebrating Ash Wednesday? I sang at our ecumenical service this afternoon and will go to the evening Mass with my youth tonight. I’m also abstaining from meat today (which I think is really no big deal) and kind of sort of fasting. Last year it was my understanding that Catholic’s were only suppose to eat one main meal and could eat two smaller meals not equaling the main meal. I remember doing that and was SOOOOOO hungry. This year I just didn’t eat between meals and tried to keep my breakfast, lunch, and dinner a little lighter than normal. If you wonder why Catholics and other denominations fast it is a practice that helps to recognize what we are REALLY hungry for…our relationship and connection with Christ. Okay enough religion talk.

Yesterday I mentioned that I skipped my morning run on the treadmill with the intention of running outside after work. The temperature was suppose to warm up to 40 degrees but when I walked home for lunch and then later from work it just didn’t seem that nice out. All day I kept having an argument with myself, in my head, debating weather I should run or not. I really did not feel like running. But when I got home I immediately changed into my running clothes and headed outside. I told myself if after awhile I really didn’t feel like running I could turn around. I also decided to take a different route that lead me through the marsh. I knew this trail would flood once spring really hits the Midwest so I wanted to take advantage of the dry trails. It turned out to be an AWESOME run! I went about 5 miles in less than 50 minutes. It felt really good to get out there and get my heart pumping. I’m so glad I got in a run outside because this morning we woke up to this:



more snow! It was much prettier this morning when the snow was on the trees but I didn’t have time to snap a picture. The snow just beginning to melt and the roads and sidewalks were pretty dry and puddle free but now, we’re back to winter! Oh the joys of living in Wisconsin! I am grateful that we got less than they were predicting. It is very wet, heavy, slushy snow. Hopefully this will be the end of it…doubtful.

I’m cooking up some fun recipes this week and I’ll be sure to share them with you soon!

Have a good evening!


2 responses to “Get out and run!

  1. You have shed a ray of snuisnhe into the forum. Thanks!

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