Up Nort der hey!

Hello! Good Sunday evening to you! I have just arrived home from our adventure in Northern Wisconsin! It was a very nice and relaxing weekend, spent with my mom, aunt, uncle, and my second cousin who is 4 and absolutely adorable!

We headed out late on Friday afternoon. The original plan was to see my cousin’s oldest son perform in a children’s performance of Peter Pan (he played a pirate) in Steven’s Point, spend the night there and then head up north on Saturday morning. Unfortunately as we were driving up my Aunt called and said that the little guy was sick and would not be able to perform in Friday night’s play. My Aunt met us  in a little town called Mosinee for dinner. I was a little skeptical about what type of place we would be dining at in this tiny little town but my Aunt did not disappoint! We went to this little supper club called the Pinewood. I ordered one of their specials for the evening, the wild salmon in bourbon sauce, it was AMAZING!


Can you tell these two are sisters?


It was nice to share a meal and get caught up with my Aunt before heading up to their house in northern Wisconsin. It was pretty late when we arrived so I pretty much headed to bed.

When I woke up this was the view from my bedroom.


That’s a frozen Squash lake peaking through the pine trees. We had a leisurely morning drinking coffee and chit chatting. Later my aunt took me over to the YMCA where I got in a solid 5 mile run on the treadmill. When she picked me up we headed over to a really cool health food store very similar to our food Co-Op. I picked up a few snacks. I was excited that they had some Larabar flavors I haven’t been able to find at home.

Most of the afternoon was spent relaxing and reading.


All the while enjoying the sunshine and view of the lake.


I may have even snuck in a little nap! I also got spend plenty of time with this cutie pie!


That’s my cousins youngest son. He came up north with us so he wouldn’t catch what ever his brother had. He was hilarious! Pretty articulate for a 4 year old and very smart!

Most of today was spent driving home. We did stop at a big bridal shop and managed to find a great dress for my mom to wear to my brother’s wedding.

It was a very relaxing weekend but I am glad to be home hanging out with Brian and Izzy whom I haven’t seen very much in the last week. It will be good to eat a huge salad for dinner, sleep in my own bed, and get ready for the week ahead.

Hope you were able to kick back and enjoy your weekend too!


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