Losing Weight in the REAL world

Hey there friends! I am nearing the end of a 12 hour work day and find myself with a brief moment in between events so I thought I’d share a quick post. If you missed it yesterday I posted about my weight loss success over the past 3 months. I thought I’d share with you how I am handling a very stressful week with some challenging eating situations.

This week the church I work at is hosting a Busy Student Retreat for our University students. What this means for me is working a few 12 hour days, working every night this week, and even coming in on my days off. But it is all for a good reason and I am having a good time getting to know some of out students better. One way I get to know students better is by participating in the evening meal we offer for the retreat participants. So Monday-Thursday I will be eating a meal prepared by someone else and I have no idea ahead of time what it might be. In the past I have just thrown caution to the wind and haven’t cared a lick about what I eat during this retreat. Not this time though. I figure it’s just that much harder to get back on track once you go “crazy” plus eating whatever you want doesn’t always make you feel good and I need all the energy I can get! So here is my plan for this week.

  • Eat healthy, filling, low Points Plus meals at breakfast and lunch. For me this means Green Smoothies and Steel Cut Oats for breakfast. I also prepped a big batch of Back on Track Wheat Berry Salad for my lunches.
  • Make sure I am  not STARVING at dinner time so eat something light but that will ward off the hunger, like a piece of fruit ( 0 PP!)
  • Get in some activity every day
  • When eating dinner at church make the healthiest choices I can and splurge on something only if it is really worth it to me (like the amazing half of brownie I had tonight!).
  • Write down what I eat, even if I have to guess at the PP value of some of the food
  • Listen to my hunger signals and do not over eat at dinner. Enjoy the food but don’t over do it.

So, far I’ve been sticking to this plan pretty well. Except last night I actually missed dinner because I was practicing some songs for our evening prayer service. This meant I didn’t get to eat until almost 7:30pm! I thought I was going chew my arm off!

I am also going away for the weekend and will eating out a lot. I haven’t formed a solid plan on how I am going to handle that but I’ll be back to post about it as soon as it’s a solid plan.

I better get going to my next event. Hope that wherever you are you are having a pleasant evening!


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