3 Month Weight Loss Update

Good Monday afternoon to you! How’s your day going? I was anticipating a rather busy one but so far it has been pretty low key. I do have to go into work for the evening but that’s about it.

So, as promised I’m here to give you an update on my weight loss efforts. I wanted to wait until today because as of today it has officially been 3 months since I rejoined Weight Watchers to check out their new Points Plus program. Actually, it is also officially been 6 months since I recommitted myself to getting back to a healthy weight.

Here are the nitty gritty details. Since September I have lost 12.8lbs. I lost 9.6 of those pounds in the last three months since rejoining Weight Watchers and following the Points Plus plan. Yeah, I’d say the program is working! So, what is different this time? How come I am being so successful? I really really really like the Points Plus program. It feels so much more livable to me than the old program did. I can eat real foods like fruits and vegetables without feeling guilty that they will add to my daily Points Plus (from now on PP) target. I have more PP to use daily and weekly. I don’t feel like I am going to run out of PP like I did on the old plan AND if I do use some all of my extra weekly PP allowance for the week I feel like my daily PP target is high enough where I will still feel satisfied. The addition of making fruits 0 PP has really helped me and I also think encourages eating whole foods rather than processed crap. A big turning point for me in the program was when I took home our meeting’s traveling journal. A member takes home the tracker for a week and then brings it back to share with another member. The week I had it I was more diligent about writing down what I ate EVERY DAY (not just Monday-Thursdayish) since I knew someone else would read it. I also wrote down how I felt about the day and what I ate. The week I took it home I lost 5lbs! Unheard of for me! This has helped me to implement this practice even when I know I won’t be sharing it with others. Yet, I don’t feel obsessed about what I am eating which is a very good think. I KNOW I can fit treats in, or eat out and still lose weight. It really has been a total mental shift for me. I feel that tracking what I eat has brought more awareness to my brain about how much I should be eating.

I didn’t really  think that losing this amount of weight would have an effect on how I feel but it really does. My clothes that were too tight at the end of the summer fit great! I even bought a size smaller jean than I had been wearing. I just feel more comfortable in my own skin. Nobody has really noticed my weight loss and I am ok with that. It’s more about being healthy than looking a certain way.

So, where am I going from here? Well, I do have a goal weight set through Weight Watchers and when I meet that I won’t have to pay any more. I’m about 9lbs away from reaching that goal. It is at the high end of the range as far as my BMI goes and I was actually at one time in my life 10lbs less than that. I guess my next goal is to get to that Weight Watcher goal weight and see how I feel. The program has been so, dare I say, easy this time around that depending on how the next few pounds go I might try and go lower…we’ll see I’m really trying not to focus on the numbers. A goal I would really like to achieve is to fit into this suit again.


A friend of mine gave this to me the last time I lost weight on WW. I can’t remember how much I weighed when I last fit into it but I really love it and it would be perfect for our church’s Confirmation celebration in May.

Honestly I thought I was destined to be a bigger athlete and even though I think I would have been okay with that it feels so much better to know that I am on track for getting my body to a healthy weight which can only help me to enjoy all the activities I love to do.

Please comment or email  me  if you have any questions. I would love to talk about the new WW program or healthy eating/life style in general!

Have a good day, I have to get to work!


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