Major Dessert Fail

Hey there! How’s your Saturday treating you? Mine has been pretty good so far with the exception of a major dessert fail I had!

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I tend to mess up recipes and therefore don’t usually attempt to make up my own? Well today’s experiment in the kitchen was just one of those times. I set out to make these adorable mini cheesecakes I saw on the Weight Watcher web-site for a dinner I am hosting for some college students.

To begin with you place a chocolate wafer in the bottom of lined muffin tin. I had a hard time finding chocolate wafers but I did and they were expensive (glad work was compensating me for these).

chocolate wafers

If they’re so famous why were they so hard to find? The recipe specifically said that if the wafers were too large to break them so they cover the bottom of the muffin liner, so I did just that.

chocolate wafers 2

You set those aside and get ready to make the filling. I thought it best to double the recipe since college kids like to eat a lot. Next the recipe said to process a block (in my case 2) of cream cheese in the food processor.


Then you slowly add 1 cup (2 in my case) of milk through the food processor tube. It was at this point  I realized I made and epic mistake! My food processor was WAY too full! There is a line on the food processor bowl that you are not suppose to go past! I should have done these in two separate batches. Pretty soon a cream cheese/milk like liquid was leaking all over the counter and the food processor!

At this point I stopped taking pictures things were just way to messy. Thinking I could salvage this mess I got out my Kitchen Aide stand mixer. I poured what I could into the bowl, plugged it in, and turned it on. Only it didn’t turn on. I thought, “Oh no! How can this be broken?!!” Then I thought maybe it was the outlet. I tried plugging in my blender and that too wouldn’t turn on! I looked over at the crock pot where I had the meatballs and spaghetti sauce for tonight simmering away and saw that it had turned off! Another outlet in my kitchen was still working so I moved the crock pot over there and got an extension cord for my mixer. At least I averted one cooking crisis today, I wouldn’t want my meatballs not to get done!

Back to the cheese cakes. I continued following the directions which had me mixt sugar, cocoa powder, and gelatin together and then add boiling water until dissolved. At this point I thought the cheese cakes were going to work out so I snapped a photo.


I added this to the cream cheese/milk mixture. It all seemed so watery but the recipe didn’t say what it should look like. Then I was suppose to fill each muffin tin with this mixture.


Do you see what happened?! The chocolate wafer pieces floated to the top! And there are little chunks of cream cheese floating around too! Ugh! I’m pretty sure the mixture wasn’t suppose to be that watery. I put them in the fridge where they are “suppose to” set up for 2 and half hours. Still not sure if they’ll turn out.

Oh well, I have another dessert idea up my sleeve and hopefully the rest of the dinner party will go smoothly. Speaking of,I better get back to preparing for it!

Hope all your weekend kitchen experiments are going better than mine!


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