Sticks and Stones

Hi there! How are you this fabulous day before Friday? I am doing quite fine if I do say so myself and I have so much to write about! Making up for my lack of posting this week I guess Smile

So, on Tuesday night I taught Zumba at the Y. I was super excited about my class because I had worked really hard to learn some new choreography and add in some fun songs to my regular mix. I thought I taught the class pretty well, sometimes when I introduce new songs I get really nervous and mess up. I did however, get told that my music was too loud and I was disrupting a little kid’s dance class next store. That kind of bothered me since I really need to hear the music in order to know what choreography to do. At the end of the class one of the participants came up to me and said,

“Do you ever mix it up?” I asked her what she meant and she said,

“You know, like add more modern songs.” I told her  the second to last song, “Club Can’t Handle Me” is modern and the warm up (which she missed) was also modern (DJ Got Us Falling in Love). But in our training we are told that in order to make it a true Zumba formatted class you should use a mix of different types of songs (salsa, merengue, regaetton, Cumbia) and mainly focus on Zumba songs (which I actually pay to receive every month). Her response was,

“Well, another instructor uses more modern songs like from Fame and Dirty Dancing (really? you think those are modern songs?) so could you just try and mix it up a little?”

I really didn’t know how to respond to this person but her comment really upset me. Mainly it upset me because I didn’t like being compared to another instructor, especially one who I feel doesn’t teach Zumba the way we were trained to do so. I tried to let the comment go but still kept nagging on me. Then today a gal in my cycling class said,

“I wish we could cycle to Zumba music. I really like the music you play in your Zumba classes!” Well of course that turned my attitude right around. Even now as I type this story out I realize how silly I was for letting that comment bug me.

Now, on to more delicious things! FOOD GLORRIOUS FOOD! I’ve been busy in the kitchen today. First up this HUGE bowl of deliciousness I had as snack today in between teaching classes.


In my bowl was 1/2 C plain non-fat yogurt, 1 kiwi, a drizzle of honey, a sprinkle of coconut, and some of Barbara’s Shredded Oats cereal (which should be outlawed at my house…way too addicting) hidden on the bottom.


So delicious, keeps me going through my noon cycling class without giving me a stomach ache. Doesn’t look too pretty all mixed up though!


Then I made some home made granola bars that were in my latest issue of Weight Watchers Magazine.


I can’t really repost it but it was pretty easy to make and had a simple ingredient list. First I beat together eggs, honey, and  little salt.


In the food processor you put oats, dried milk, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chopped apricots, and craisins and chop until fine.


Then you add the wet ingredients and process until evenly moistened. This is where I thought the recipe went wrong. It made the mixture kind of like bread dough. I was hoping it be more chunky. Then you bake, let cool, and cut. It also gave some additional suggestions like sprinkling with chocolate chips. We didn’t have too many chocolate chips so I melted what we did have along with some other chocolate and spread it over the top.


So essentially I made something healthy into something semi unhealthy.


They tasted good but next time I would not process the dry ingredients so fine and I definitely would not process the wet and dry and ingredients together I would hand mix them so there were bigger chunks of dried fruit and oats.

Right now I have this little baby in the oven.


It’s a Mexican casserole, also a Weight Watcher’s recipe. Basically it is brown rice mixed with salsa layered with refried beans and cheese. Also very simple. You were also suppose to add corn but I forgot to buy some. Actually I had both recipes done in less than an hour. Hope the casserole tastes good too! Just wait until you see what I’m going to try and experiment with tomorrow for dinner!

And one more thing…I finished the Indoor Ironman today! You can see my full stats here.  I had 4 days left to spare! Even though I teach cycling twice a week I still had to go to an extra class to get in the bike miles. The running was a lot easier than I thought it would be. If we hadn’t had those nice days it might not have been so easy. It’s so much more fun to run outside than on the treadmill! The swim, as always, was a piece of cake!

I’ve had to work the last two nights so I am looking forward to hanging out with Brian and watching some Thursday night shows!

Hope you have a good night!


***Update*** Didn’t have a chance to post before I actually ate dinner and the Mexican Casserole was delicious! Like eating the inside of burrito!


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