Retail Therapy

Well hi there! How are you this fine day? I am pretty good. Sorry for not posting yesterday. I worked a 12 hour day and was pretty beat when I got home so there was no posting for this gal.

Today was my day off from my church job but I did teach two classes at the YMCA. I was suppose to teach a third class to a group of middle school students but school was canceled today due to all the protests going on in Wisconsin. I had Izzy scheduled for a grooming session out near the mall and decided to do some shopping while I waited for her to get done. Let me tell you, three hours, with a credit card, and numerous stores is not good for my budget Smile.

I came to a conclusion while I was out shopping, I have no fashion sense. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not a case for the show What Not To Wear. I know what a looks good on me, I can tell when something doesn’t fit right, and I don’t think what I wear is outdated. I’m just not very creative when it comes to my clothes. I wear jeans a lot of the time and if I’m not wearing jeans I wear pretty casual pants, usually with a lot of pockets. I wear mostly solid colored short or long sleeved shirts, vests, solid colored sweaters, and if I’m really dressing up a blazer. I see all these cute tops and sweaters not to mention the huge trend in skinny jeans and I just can’t seem to find something I think looks nice on me, that I would feel comfortable in, or that I would wear doing the type of work I do. I guess I just like to stick to the basics when it comes to clothes.

My credit card may have taken a beating today but I did by some things that I needed…for the most part. I’ve been looking for a new purse for awhile now and actually went to 4 stores before I found one I liked.


I was looking for a purse that could carry my camera easily. This one has a huge pocket that zips shut in the middle and two other pockets on either side that hold all my other “junk”.” I also like that it is silver so it can got with black or brown jackets.

I also bought 2 pairs of jeans in a size smaller than I’ve been wearing! I plan on doing a weight loss update post soon so stayed tuned.


My current pair of favorite jeans are getting a little worn and faded so I thought I needed some new ones. I also bought some socks.


Exciting, I know. Seriously every time I put on a pair of socks this winter one of them had a hole in it. So annoying!

But by far the best find of the day was this


This is a long hooded trench I got at Old Navy for only $25 (50% off)! I can’t wait until it’s a little warmer out so I can wear it. In all honesty I didn’t NEED another jacket  but in a effort to be more fashionable and not wear a wind breaker or a fleece this spring I thought I would get something a little more in style and versatile.

And here’s my little baby nice and clean from her day at the spa.


Right now she’s sound asleep next to me on the couch. She gets pretty tired when we interrupt her 18 hour nap day!

So that was my day! Sure I could have done some cleaning, worked on home work or done something else productive but I’m glad I treated myself to an afternoon of retail therapy a skinny cinnamon dulce latter from Starbucks included!


4 responses to “Retail Therapy

  1. Wow! Some great finds! I could use some retail therapy but I have to wait a few months first though. 🙂

  2. Retail therapy is the best! – and can your dog be any cuter?

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